Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

  A recently, Anhua Village, Anhua Village, Shaoxing Keqiao District, required new garbage classification and cleaning staff, Zheng Ge Ya, the main committee of the village party, did not directly "point the head", but opened the grassroots public power, online approval application, in the migrant The management module released the proposal proposal, waiting for the secretary of the village party, and the director of the village committee.

Each step of the next step is "sun" in the sun, and the whole process of the system will be marked, and the villagers can supervise at any time. How to standardize the village level in the background of "shoulders" Tao Shijun, the head of the party style and clean government information supervision center of the Keqiao District Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that Keqiao is exploring the use of digital means to establish comprehensive coverage, up and down, run an efficient supervision system, and prompts the minimal operation of small micro-power operations, supervision standardization , Publicly transparent, promoting comprehensive from severely governing the party to the base layer. The grassroots public power of Zheng Ge Ye is online approval application, on September 1, this year, it is the "Qinghe Hantun" digital reform result in the "Three Service" in Keqiao District, "Three Service". . This application includes a number of business modules such as official seal management, migrant management, procurement management, difficult assistance, asset resources, and village-level projects. Each module has established a full process, standardized operating model, so that small micro power is online. The full visualization is traced back.

  In the background of the system, the reporter saw that the use of the use of civilian village despite the upload, but the follow-up process will take a look: After the appointment, the village should be publicly issued, and the villagers can register; determine the proposed workers, it is necessary Public issuings, accept village supervision; the actual application of the village committee director, the village regulatory association (monitoring work contact station) should be verified; the final salary is issued, and it is necessary to pay from the "three-capital" management system of the countryside.

There is a problem with any one, and the process can’t go.

  "This set of operation is designed for small and honesty." Tao Shijun said that the original intention is to prevent illegal labor assignments, the ultra-reporting work, the employment price is obvious, and the number of personnel is aberrable. Survival problems. In actual operation, the app is also open to the "three service" public platforms in the village. The small micro power "supervises a point" mutual progress, the public content of small micro-power operation will automatically push, open in real time, the masses can enjoy various villages in real time The right to know the level of affairs, and supervise the performance of the village cadres. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.