Solving the people’s annoyance to help social governance

Solving the people’s annoyance to help social governance

  "Hey!" During the night, there was a rushing knock on a unit building in Yusha Road Community in Yusha Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

  "Uncle Tang, how is it? I really didn’t make noise.

"The neighbors of Dangda are helpless.

It turned out that Datan, who was more sleep in the 90s this year, and always thought about there was noise around him. He often went to the neighbors of the neighboring house in late night.

  After learning, there is a four-year old party age, Peng Yutu, decided to mediate. Peng Yuxu, 68-year-old this year, is a member of "Yusha Late Maple" old party membership studio, usually dealing with neighborhood disputes. When you come to the door, I have been talking more than 10 times before and after the grandfather, he found that Dangda’s life is more than lonely, and many times, I just want to get careful. So, Peng Yuxu has no longer running in Dangda. I insisted that I have never had contradictions with the neighbors. "In this case, the neighborhood committee does not have so many people, and our old party members solve more advantages.

Peng Yufu said.

  In recent years, in order to let retired old party members, the old cadres participate in community governance, Chengdu has created the "Old Party Congress Studio" brand to help solve the difficulties in community governance, plugging. In Chengdu, such an old party member studio currently has 384. The studio is accurately introduced around the community governance and residents’ demand and guides more residents to participate in governance. At the same time, some studios also extend the service community work to the courtyard, building, and timely help residents resolve contradictions and solve problems. "The old party staff studio" has become an important force to promote the party’s fine style, help community governance, solve a small matter from the people, said the relevant person in charge of the old Cadre Bureau of Chengdu, "Next, we will accurately set the project, strengthen Running security, better play the role of old party members, and condense the new pattern of new grassroots governance.

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