Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Recently, the villagers of Xuzhai Town, Single County, Sun Fengqing, ready to open a fruit and vegetable refrigeration company, and gradually completed the relevant information in accordance with the network operation guide.

At 12:20, this is a getting time, when checking feedback information in the afternoon, he found that the application has been accepted.

"Less than 1 minute, the system feedback is completed, the business is completed.

24 hours a day, service, second bato stop, it is convenient and comfortable! Sun Fengqing said happily.

Online, 24-hour operation promoted the construction of smart government, further optimizing the business environment, and became the county to serve people’s livelihood and vividly portrayed the people. Since the study of party history, Single County has put "I do practical things for the masses" as an important content and highlights, I insist on the problem-oriented, based on the needs of the people, and sincerely make real things, solve the problem, and continue to promote the party history education. Walk deep.

The organization has advanced "speed", the problem focuses "accuracy" single county successfully held "I am issued to the masses" practice activities promotion meeting, the issuance of implementing plan, work arrangements, and formulate 2 batch of 59 key people’s livelihood projects, pass The media announced to the public and set columns to track reports.

On the basis of solid progress of "I do practical things for the masses", the deep excavation summary surrounded by the protection of people’s livelihood, service enterprise experience, case brand, advanced typical, and further promoting party history education, "I have practical things for the masses." "The work is quickly advanced. The county is focused on solving the bulls of people’s livelihood, the problem of 020 service platform, the spear center, the grassroots mens, the network platform, etc. , Effectively find the problem, dig the roots to dig deeply, and the masses look forward to the test.

At present, the 59 "I have a practical thing to do for the masses" in the county, and the two batch of key people’s livelihood projects released in the province and the city have been steadily advanced, and 43 tasks have been completed, and the average completion scheme is completed.

The convenience service has "strength", and the volunteers are warm and have "temperature" single counties to adhere to the most realistic interests, and then accurate, and then power in solving the "hurry" problem.

I adhered to where the needs of the masses are working, and they do a good job in people ‘s livelihoods such as culture, transportation, employment, and help.

At present, the "Cultural Entry Wanjia" "One Year, a Village" performance 268, the public welfare film reflected more than 3,600 games, benefiting more than 150,000 people.

The road network extension Tongda project completed 200 kilometers, and the road network renovation improvement project completed 50 kilometers, and there were 2 crisis transformations.

The 23 of the county has started construction, with a total construction area of ??1.16 million square meters, a total of 13904 households, benefiting more than 30,000 people. "CEO" resolves the problem of enterprise development, and the county-level leader as "chief service official", carrying out "one-on-one, point-to-point" precision service for private enterprises and key projects.

The Chief Service Jointly wrote 297 questions involved in the difficulty of transformation. All 228 were completed, 69 were being handled, and the company won the praise. The 8 banks in the county selection 30 business backbone, and the knot is supporting 166 companies (projects), and solves the financing needs billion yuan. Establish 1 emergency transfer fund and effectively alleviate the difficulties of SMEs (projects).

Carried out more than 6,000 civilized practice activities such as the countryside, filial piety and dumpling dumpling activities, and investigated a large number of people reflected strong people’s livelihood issues. By visiting the investigation, there is more than 2,000 pieces of beautiful rural construction, social security, social security payment, household neighborhood contradiction, wheat subsidies, stop water, land disputes, etc.

Publicity and education have "deep", service development has "breadth" single county to carry out distinctive distinctive characteristics, form variety of learning education, promote party history education, deep into the masses, deep into the grassroots level, deep into people. Enrich the platform carrier. Persist on the place where the site is linked, and it is good to use live red resources. All township streets walked into the Lake West Red Education Base. The Husi Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery launched the "School History, Ming Jian" Theme Party Day event, and the county education positions accumulated the party members and cadres and the masses of more than 150,000 people. In-depth preaching, established more than 20 promotional teams composed of more than 260 preliminary prices to carry out more than 500 games, more than 100,000 people in the audience. Extensive publicity, give full play to the role of "two-center one platform", promote the all-round display of the county party history education, all media participation, all platform promotion, create in the whole society. All systems in the county have based on actual, combined with work functions, focus on the benefits of the people’s people, and formulate a list of difficulties to solve the problem for the people to help the masses handle the real thing for the people, let practical results, and serve the county economic society. developing.

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