Tangyou Boxing guided the cross-township to consolidate the post-poverty post-evaluation work

Tangyou Boxing guided the cross-township to consolidate the post-poverty post-evaluation work

On December 6, the discipline of the district committee secretary Tang Youbo to the cross-township and supervision and consolidate the evaluation of the reward.

Tang Youbo emphasized that in the "three talks" "five heavy" to work hard, we will work together, and the coagulation is working together to ensure that the consolidation of the poverty of poverty steadily moved steadily, and pays a satisfactory answer to the people in the district.

Deputy Secretary of the District Committee, Song Li, District Party Committee, Standing Committee, Standing Deputy Director Wang Yuanpeng, Zhang Yongzhong, Dong Xiaolin, Zhang Fenglong, Wang Hailang, Ma Guoping, Li Xin, District People’s Court Secretary Xiao Bang, Huang Kai, deputy director of the Anshun High-tech Zone Management Committee, Huang Kai, and the chairman of the Anshun High-tech Zone Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Huang Kai, etc. The village support participates in the symposium. At the symposium, the cross towns reported on the development of the assessment of deprivation, and the regional revitalization bureau won the work arrangements for the consolidation of the decline after evaluation; some participants conducted a speech. After listening to the report, Tang Youbo pointed out that this year is the first year of consolidating the expansion of the poverty and the effectiveness of rural revitalization. All levels must unify thinking, co-consenscing consensus, and effectively enhance the understanding of the importance and urgency of the assessment of the assessment of the renewal of the decline, further transform the work style, improve the work standards, and ensure high quality completion to consolidate and expand the poverty results Post evaluation work tasks. Tang Youbo’s requirements, to talk about political affairs, pay attention to improve political ability, firmly establish political ideals, correctly grasp the political direction, strengthen the political position, strictly abide by political discipline, strengthen political experience, accumulate political experience, and continue to consolidate the poverty results; To tell the task, you must perform your duty, love your job, and become familiar with the work, establish a responsibility awareness, strictly explain the rules of discipline, perfectly explain the responsibility and responsibility of a party member cadres; The pressure sensation of the slope, the sense of mission, the sense of responsibility of the business, responding to the needs of the era, responding to the call of the era, resolves the contradiction of the times, and answers the Answers.

Tang Youbo emphasizes that it is necessary to pay attention to the practice. The leading cadres at all levels must insist on the eyes, the body will sink, in-depth grassroots, and go to the masses to carry out investigation and research; to solve problems in time; to be a heavy base, must be deep into the farmers, to integrate as soon as possible The big group of rural areas, with everyone, eat more farmhouse, more local words, more drinks, experience the peasants, really done their mind and mind; we must focus accurately, see income, stare, high attention, high attention The masses have learned, because of illness, due to high expenditures, etc., always care about their lives, by adopting measures such as life security, social assistance, expansion and income channels, measures to help them solve practical difficulties, and ensure that the masses are stable and poverty. In effect, improve the happiness of the masses; we must recommends all the people to know, through various forms of propaganda, to improve the knowledge and satisfaction of the masses on the poverty campaign; must be accurate and efficient, pay attention to coordinate all parties, integrate each Square strength, with the best work style, the best working condition, the most real work foundation, ensuring excellent results in consolidating the post-poverty after evaluation. (Li Chao) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The first round of inspection of the 12th Municipal Committee

The first round of inspection of the 12th Municipal Committee

  According to the unified deployment of the Baoding Municipal Committee, 5 patrol groups of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee, Baoding Daily, Citizen Zone, Municipal Local Finance Supervision Bureau, Municipal Federation of Trade Union, Municipal Committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, Municipal Federation, Municipal Industry and Commerce, Municipal Disabled 10 units of the organization launched a routine patrol, and the patrol started from the date of the announcement, and time was about 1 and a half months. This round of inspection, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Middle, Third, Fourth, Five-Plenary Session, adhere to the center, service overall, comprehensive implementation Inspector work policy, accurately implement political inspection requirements, two maintenance as a fundamental task.

It is tightly submitted by the Patrol Party to fulfill the party’s leadership responsibility. In-depth find political bias, focus on the party’s theoretical route policy and party central decision-making deployment in the grassroots implementation, focus on corruption and unhealthy winds around the people, focus the patrol party Organize leadership teams and team construction and the implementation of the last inspection supervision and implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of key supervision and inspection. I adhered to where the party’s central and provincial and municipal decisions were deployed. When the inspection followed up, urged the continuous improvement of political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and fully play the implementation of supervision and protection, and promoted the improvement of development, and building Jing Xiongao The integrated development new pattern, passionate for 145, and then make a new Baoding to provide strong political protection. The patrol group mainly accepts the letter to reflect the leadership team and its members, the next level of party organization leaders, the leading cadres of the leading cadres, the focus is about violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, the masses Report and reflection of discipline, work discipline and life discipline.

For other petitions with other personal appeals, involvement of the inspection work, involved in the law, will be responsible, the principle of management, the principle of management, and transferred to the relevant departments. In order to facilitate the cadres and the people, each patrol group set a special duty telephone, contact telephone, email, postal mailbox during the inspection period, and set the inspection group in the patrol unit, welcome the cadres and masses to reflect the relevant situation to the municipal party committee. question. Special announcement. The Office of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, November 9, 2021.

Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Recently, the villagers of Xuzhai Town, Single County, Sun Fengqing, ready to open a fruit and vegetable refrigeration company, and gradually completed the relevant information in accordance with the network operation guide.

At 12:20, this is a getting time, when checking feedback information in the afternoon, he found that the application has been accepted.

"Less than 1 minute, the system feedback is completed, the business is completed.

24 hours a day, service, second bato stop, it is convenient and comfortable! Sun Fengqing said happily.

Online, 24-hour operation promoted the construction of smart government, further optimizing the business environment, and became the county to serve people’s livelihood and vividly portrayed the people. Since the study of party history, Single County has put "I do practical things for the masses" as an important content and highlights, I insist on the problem-oriented, based on the needs of the people, and sincerely make real things, solve the problem, and continue to promote the party history education. Walk deep.

The organization has advanced "speed", the problem focuses "accuracy" single county successfully held "I am issued to the masses" practice activities promotion meeting, the issuance of implementing plan, work arrangements, and formulate 2 batch of 59 key people’s livelihood projects, pass The media announced to the public and set columns to track reports.

On the basis of solid progress of "I do practical things for the masses", the deep excavation summary surrounded by the protection of people’s livelihood, service enterprise experience, case brand, advanced typical, and further promoting party history education, "I have practical things for the masses." "The work is quickly advanced. The county is focused on solving the bulls of people’s livelihood, the problem of 020 service platform, the spear center, the grassroots mens, the network platform, etc. , Effectively find the problem, dig the roots to dig deeply, and the masses look forward to the test.

At present, the 59 "I have a practical thing to do for the masses" in the county, and the two batch of key people’s livelihood projects released in the province and the city have been steadily advanced, and 43 tasks have been completed, and the average completion scheme is completed.

The convenience service has "strength", and the volunteers are warm and have "temperature" single counties to adhere to the most realistic interests, and then accurate, and then power in solving the "hurry" problem.

I adhered to where the needs of the masses are working, and they do a good job in people ‘s livelihoods such as culture, transportation, employment, and help.

At present, the "Cultural Entry Wanjia" "One Year, a Village" performance 268, the public welfare film reflected more than 3,600 games, benefiting more than 150,000 people.

The road network extension Tongda project completed 200 kilometers, and the road network renovation improvement project completed 50 kilometers, and there were 2 crisis transformations.

The 23 of the county has started construction, with a total construction area of ??1.16 million square meters, a total of 13904 households, benefiting more than 30,000 people. "CEO" resolves the problem of enterprise development, and the county-level leader as "chief service official", carrying out "one-on-one, point-to-point" precision service for private enterprises and key projects.

The Chief Service Jointly wrote 297 questions involved in the difficulty of transformation. All 228 were completed, 69 were being handled, and the company won the praise. The 8 banks in the county selection 30 business backbone, and the knot is supporting 166 companies (projects), and solves the financing needs billion yuan. Establish 1 emergency transfer fund and effectively alleviate the difficulties of SMEs (projects).

Carried out more than 6,000 civilized practice activities such as the countryside, filial piety and dumpling dumpling activities, and investigated a large number of people reflected strong people’s livelihood issues. By visiting the investigation, there is more than 2,000 pieces of beautiful rural construction, social security, social security payment, household neighborhood contradiction, wheat subsidies, stop water, land disputes, etc.

Publicity and education have "deep", service development has "breadth" single county to carry out distinctive distinctive characteristics, form variety of learning education, promote party history education, deep into the masses, deep into the grassroots level, deep into people. Enrich the platform carrier. Persist on the place where the site is linked, and it is good to use live red resources. All township streets walked into the Lake West Red Education Base. The Husi Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery launched the "School History, Ming Jian" Theme Party Day event, and the county education positions accumulated the party members and cadres and the masses of more than 150,000 people. In-depth preaching, established more than 20 promotional teams composed of more than 260 preliminary prices to carry out more than 500 games, more than 100,000 people in the audience. Extensive publicity, give full play to the role of "two-center one platform", promote the all-round display of the county party history education, all media participation, all platform promotion, create in the whole society. All systems in the county have based on actual, combined with work functions, focus on the benefits of the people’s people, and formulate a list of difficulties to solve the problem for the people to help the masses handle the real thing for the people, let practical results, and serve the county economic society. developing.

(Zhe Li) (Editor: Liu Yingqi, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Solving the people’s annoyance to help social governance

Solving the people’s annoyance to help social governance

  "Hey!" During the night, there was a rushing knock on a unit building in Yusha Road Community in Yusha Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

  "Uncle Tang, how is it? I really didn’t make noise.

"The neighbors of Dangda are helpless.

It turned out that Datan, who was more sleep in the 90s this year, and always thought about there was noise around him. He often went to the neighbors of the neighboring house in late night.

  After learning, there is a four-year old party age, Peng Yutu, decided to mediate. Peng Yuxu, 68-year-old this year, is a member of "Yusha Late Maple" old party membership studio, usually dealing with neighborhood disputes. When you come to the door, I have been talking more than 10 times before and after the grandfather, he found that Dangda’s life is more than lonely, and many times, I just want to get careful. So, Peng Yuxu has no longer running in Dangda. I insisted that I have never had contradictions with the neighbors. "In this case, the neighborhood committee does not have so many people, and our old party members solve more advantages.

Peng Yufu said.

  In recent years, in order to let retired old party members, the old cadres participate in community governance, Chengdu has created the "Old Party Congress Studio" brand to help solve the difficulties in community governance, plugging. In Chengdu, such an old party member studio currently has 384. The studio is accurately introduced around the community governance and residents’ demand and guides more residents to participate in governance. At the same time, some studios also extend the service community work to the courtyard, building, and timely help residents resolve contradictions and solve problems. "The old party staff studio" has become an important force to promote the party’s fine style, help community governance, solve a small matter from the people, said the relevant person in charge of the old Cadre Bureau of Chengdu, "Next, we will accurately set the project, strengthen Running security, better play the role of old party members, and condense the new pattern of new grassroots governance.

"(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The Beijing-Bei Fungian Consumers Association jointly released: 33 live band samples suspected of illegal violations

The Beijing-Bei Fungian Consumers Association jointly released: 33 live band samples suspected of illegal violations

Original title: 33 live tape samples suspected of illegal violations yesterday, Beijing Consumers Association and Hebei Consumer Rights Protection Committee jointly issued live broadcast consumption experience investigation report. In 100 live goods experience samples, 33 suspected of illegal violations. The results of the survey showed that the current live betting consumption experience is generally better, but there are also some suspected false propaganda, do not follow the regulations of the public dosage information, the words and deeds, the price misleading, and there are no significant probabilities of private trading risks.

  17 samples suspected of false propaganda Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that this live broadcast consumption experience survey, selected Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, spell, Suning, Vipshop, shake, fast hand, small red book and 10 e-commerce platforms such as Weibo and Weiaya, Li Jiaqi, Singba, Egg, Singer Baby, Chen Jie Kiki, Sydney and other 10-bit net red star as a survey.

  Experience the survey report showed that 33 liveband experience samples suspected of illegal violations, Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast room and other 17 samples suspected of false exaggeration publicity; fast hand "Egg 22 Summer explosion" 5 samples such as live broadcasts are suspected of words and deeds; shake "Han Zhaide" "Han Zhaide director (Tarios)" 2 samples such as live broadcasts, allegedly misleading; spelling a lot of "Thousand Dustang Hall help high-store" live store corresponding to physical stores, etc. 13 Samples are suspected of non-publicize information; Suining Tesco "Direct Small Masters" live broadcast rooms, etc., etc. is suspected of implementing "7 days no reason to return" provisions; three platforms such as Vipcom will be suspected Private trading risks in a significant manner.

  In 17 samples suspected of false propaganda issues, other staff members of the anchor or live broadcast are induced by the publicity of promotional products, and the use of extreme use words, etc., suspected of violating consumers’ rights and Select the right.

For example, the experience person saw in Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast, the anchor announced that "Eating a day" when introducing a white jade lychee, "can help you to drain the oil, manage the big belly Roop, but also remove moisture. " 5 samples suspected of existence of words and deeds, and a total of 5 live tape samples were suspected of speech and vulgar issues. Taobao "Star Makeup Artist DD", Taobao "Mei Niang – Chamei", Quick "Egg No. 22 Summer Explosive Product", shake "people silly temper window" and other live broadcasts suspected of speech and vulgar problems Name.

  For example, experience people experience shopping during the fast-moving "Egg 22 Summer Explosive" live broadcast, in order to show the elasticity of the trousers, the staff pulls the pants tried to tries to the people, causing live broadcasts.

Subsequently, the live broadcast was stopped by the fast-handed platform, and the screen prompt "The vulgar words and deeds, performances, punishments or stickers. Anaten is rectified, please wait patiently."

  Some anchor suspected of misleading consumers This experience survey found that some anchors use the high-priced price of other platforms in the live broadcast to induce consumers to buy their live broadcasts, suspected of using the price means of misunderstanding misleading consumers. For example, the experience is in the shake "Han Zhaide" live room to purchase a box of golden six Fuya 8 strong fragrant 42 degree white wine (500 ml × 6 bottles). When this wine is recommended, the next staff is deliberate to the lens to show the price of the wine in the Jingdong platform, and the anchor is called 1429 yuan in an east, only 298 yuan in his live broadcast. The experience personnel contact the Jinxiao manufacturer, responsible for the manager of this wine sales, said that this wine in Jingdong and shakes is their goods, the cost price is about 40 yuan, the market promotion is generally 70-80 yuan a bottle , That is, 420-480 yuan per box, 1.429 yuan per box in Jingdong, is not normal market price. The manager also said that some dealers have a store in Jingdong, but it is deliberately hanging a high price, promoting how good this wine is, through this marketing means to promote. In response to the problem of live broadcast, the Beijing-Biographic Consumers Association recommends that the live band operators should be integrified to follow the law; the relevant departments should further strengthen the supervision of the live broadcast of the goods, to grasp the focus of the star, Nethong and other key supervision, let It assumes responsibility to compatibility with traffic; to increase exposure of the illegal lives, and listed in the credit blacklist according to the severity of infringement; remind consumers to improve their self-protection awareness. Text / Our reporter Wang Wei (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share more people to see.

The Nobel Dinner held a thousand police officers outside the city hall.

The Nobel Dinner held a thousand police officers outside the city hall.

People’s Network Thundermo on December 10th According to the Swedish Public TV: Today, the annual Nobel dinner will be held in the City Hall, and at this time, thousands of police parade demonstrated, protesting low salary andPlever working conditions.

The media participated in one of the head of the police union of the organizational parade. He said to the media that choosing this special day, because many national political guides will celebrate Nobel awards, we hope that they can realize that they are allThe policeman in protecting their safety and safeguarding social security.

And we are very dissatisfied with low wage and harsh working conditions.Although the police trade will receive a parade, due to the particularity of today, they are banned from using a megaphone.(Wang Wei).

Tianjin Public Transport Group Adjustment 716 Road Convenient Military Food City Demonstration Town Residents Travel

Tianjin Public Transport Group Adjustment 716 Road Convenient Military Food City Demonstration Town Residents Travel

Original title: You can sleep in the morning. "The sky is getting colder, in the morning, I’m going to go home, I have a black home in the evening, if there is a bus line.

"In order to go to work, I live in the second phase of Tianjin Dongli District Army City Demonstration Town, Jingwenxuan Community, every day, I have to get up early, walk half an hour to Jintang Road by Metro Road to Dongli District Going to work nearby.

  Ms. Zhang, the second phase of the second phase of the military, the demonstration town, also has the same needs. Due to the big older, the legs and feet are not convenient, she must take the car to the Jintang Highway again every time, the fare is a lot, she I have been looking forward to the direct bus line near the community. Ms. Chai and Ms. Zhang have achieved yesterday: Bus 716 adjustment route, and stationed in the second phase of the Demonstration Town of the Army City.

  It is understood that the second phase of the Demonstration Town of the Army City only opened a 780 bus line, mainly connecting the second phase of the military food city demonstration town to the subway station and the first phase of the bus station. With the second phase of the military city demonstration town, Qiutexuan, Dong Mei Xuan, Jing Wenxuan, Feng Jiyuan and other 10 community residents have taken place, and the demand for public transportation is also increasing, and a bus line has not been able to travel demand, and residents have a strong call for the bus line near the city near the city.

  "After learning this situation, we rely on ‘I practical activities for the masses. Since the beginning of August this year, we will continue to adjust the 716 road to reduce the passengers in the military city demonstration town, and increase the direct." The fourth passenger transport of the Municipal Public Transport Group Zhang Deshun, Minister of Operations Department, Department of Operations.

  At the same time, the company’s operating business unit has been collected by the public bus 96196 service hotline related feedback, many times to the field research, visit different age layers, the resident residents, and ask the discussion, and lead the 716 staff to go deep into the site to survey, and Tang Jinglu Road and Jintang Highway intersection baffles and traffic lights open, and communicate with the Dongli District Transportation Administration Bureau. Recently, the road is finally completed, the baffle is revoked, and traffic facilities such as traffic lights along the way, providing favorable conditions for opening up to the city channel. Recently, the company finally completed the procedures of the route.

Yesterday, the bus 716 was adjusted to adjust the route. After the adjustment of the 716 road, the Tang Jinglu Jintang Road, Jing Wen Dao, Jing Wenxuan, Jing Wenxuan Dongmen, Dongmei Xuan, Qiu Yixuan 6 stops, all the residential districts of the second phase of the military, the second phase, the residents of the community Take the 716 road to Jintang Road, inverted Light Rail Line 9 or other bus lines, whether it is to work, go to school, or shopping, play, medical treatment, and residents have been improved. "There is a bus stop at the door, I can sleep at home for a while in the morning.

"Ms. Chai laughed." I used to have two residents complained that they have been complaining, and they will take a dozen minutes.

Now, the 716 road opens to the entrance of the community, and the public is convenient to take a bus. "The 716 driver Li Fujun said that the first day of yesterday, heard a lot of praise. (Reporter Su Xiaomei) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.

Red boat gap: the kite of the disconnection is not free

Red boat gap: the kite of the disconnection is not free

  "Two Learning One Do" study and education For more than a year, the majority of party members are quenched in education, and they are tempered in learning, and the party is strengthened.

However, in the process of learning education, some party members have exposed a lot of problems. Particular party members are not disciplined, do not talk about the rules, in the party, in the party. Various behaviors do not meet the identity of party members, and there is also the image of the damage party. Not in the rules, there is no rounded round.

As a member of the party, he has solemn swearing on the party: support the party’s program, abide by the party’s charter, and strictly guarding the party’s discipline.

That is to say, since the date of oath, party members will keep the "party discipline" in mind, integrating the words "Party" in the heart of the party.

From the real situation, some party members have spoken, do things, do not originate from the party discusions.

  Comrade Mao Zedong has pointed out that as party members and iron disciplines are not implemented. The headbands on the head of Sun is gold, the Communist Party is iron, and the golden hoops of Sun bus are still very powerful. It can be seen that discipline is the party’s lifeline, and it is a guide for every Communist Party. In the era of revolutionary war, the Communist Party was relied on the discipline of iron, and the advanced strength from all walks of order was screwed into a rope and achieved the final victory. In 1939, Liu Li Gong was expelled from party events to vibrate the whole party.

In 1938, Liu Ligong joined the Communist Party and entered the party’s training class after he had graduated.

When graduating, the party organization made him go to the grassroots level of North China. But Liu Liong insists on entering the Marxue School or returning to the original. In order to educate him, the party organization has conducted 7 conversations with him, and gave him a mistake.

Later, Liu Liong’s statement was willing to go North China, and the conditions must be working to the General Command of the Eighth Route Army. The party organization disagree, he simply refused to implement the Decision of the party. The Central Party Committee believes that the party has strive to persuade education, but he still does not accept the arrangement of the party organization, violates the party’s discipline, and does not accept the party’s education, correct his mistakes, so it decides to expel its party, and announced The party. In response to this, Chen Yun came to write "Why to expel Liu Liong’s party", it emphasizes the extreme importance of strict abide by the party’s discipline, pointing out that the party is not allowed to abide by the party’s discipline "special person" "special organization", All party members are required to consciously abide by the party discipline.

  The ancients said: "I don’t dare to make it, and they are fearless. Party members follow the rules and discipline, and sometimes the party discharge is the first quasi-rope to ask for it, and to constrain themselves. Once the discipline constraint is lost, or the discipline is as good, the party members are "running the drip", "rushing to the head" in the work, the individual is seriously corrupted, and finally falls into the crime of evil, embarrassed. Just if some of the martyr governments are regretted when they are trapped, they will hold the bottom line, they will not break the discipline, and they will not be unfained by layers. As so-called, one step is wrong, step by step.

Lost discipline, the party members and cadres have no immunity, and they will be subject to many temptations and impact, and even defeat in hunting.

  Looking at the party, also managers around you while taking yourself.

Party members, especially party members, leading cadres must hold their own bottom line, but also set up "high voltage line", manage family, let the power of the "public", "private", only for the masses, do not open green lights for friends and family. Otherwise, it will be harmful to others, harm the party.

Whether it is Liu Tienan to let the boss "bring the son" "more help son", or the Bai Enpei is "care" wife Zhang Huiqing, letting a waiter from a guest house, step by step by step by step by step by step by step. It is finally difficult to escape the party’s law and strict punishment, and the falling of the people is falling … A large number of cases show that party members, especially party members, leading cadres, do not guard the party, no matter how good family members, people will eventually die, harm others. Philosophilies said that the unlined kite not only won’t get freedom, but will plant a sea.

There is a constraint to be more free, and there is discipline. The party discipline provides party members with the fundamental follows of words and deeds. Only every party member is guarding the party, listening to party words, the party’s political ecology will be clear, and the sea is clear.

Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

  A recently, Anhua Village, Anhua Village, Shaoxing Keqiao District, required new garbage classification and cleaning staff, Zheng Ge Ya, the main committee of the village party, did not directly "point the head", but opened the grassroots public power, online approval application, in the migrant The management module released the proposal proposal, waiting for the secretary of the village party, and the director of the village committee.

Each step of the next step is "sun" in the sun, and the whole process of the system will be marked, and the villagers can supervise at any time. How to standardize the village level in the background of "shoulders" Tao Shijun, the head of the party style and clean government information supervision center of the Keqiao District Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that Keqiao is exploring the use of digital means to establish comprehensive coverage, up and down, run an efficient supervision system, and prompts the minimal operation of small micro-power operations, supervision standardization , Publicly transparent, promoting comprehensive from severely governing the party to the base layer. The grassroots public power of Zheng Ge Ye is online approval application, on September 1, this year, it is the "Qinghe Hantun" digital reform result in the "Three Service" in Keqiao District, "Three Service". . This application includes a number of business modules such as official seal management, migrant management, procurement management, difficult assistance, asset resources, and village-level projects. Each module has established a full process, standardized operating model, so that small micro power is online. The full visualization is traced back.

  In the background of the system, the reporter saw that the use of the use of civilian village despite the upload, but the follow-up process will take a look: After the appointment, the village should be publicly issued, and the villagers can register; determine the proposed workers, it is necessary Public issuings, accept village supervision; the actual application of the village committee director, the village regulatory association (monitoring work contact station) should be verified; the final salary is issued, and it is necessary to pay from the "three-capital" management system of the countryside.

There is a problem with any one, and the process can’t go.

  "This set of operation is designed for small and honesty." Tao Shijun said that the original intention is to prevent illegal labor assignments, the ultra-reporting work, the employment price is obvious, and the number of personnel is aberrable. Survival problems. In actual operation, the app is also open to the "three service" public platforms in the village. The small micro power "supervises a point" mutual progress, the public content of small micro-power operation will automatically push, open in real time, the masses can enjoy various villages in real time The right to know the level of affairs, and supervise the performance of the village cadres. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The EU provides emergency humanitarian assistance to Belarus and Poland border

The EU provides emergency humanitarian assistance to Belarus and Poland border

  Brussels November 17 (Reporter Deternal) The EU announced an emergency humanitarian assistance to refugees who stayed in Belarus and Poland border, including the Refugees to refugees through the Belarusian Red Cross.

  According to the announcement released on the day of the European Commission, the EU has issued 200,000 euro humanitarian funds to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Association for the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Association and the Belarusian Red Cross. Rescue action, such as the release of food, personal hygiene products, blankets, and family emergency programs, etc.

  Announcement refers to the EU has also raised 500,000 euros of humanitarian funds. It is currently in contact with partners, and is preparing to implement fund use through humanitarian organizations, and increase the assistance to refugees against Belarus and Poland border. The European Commission is responsible for the crisis management of the crisis management, in the announcement, the EU calls on Belarus and Poland to continue to open humanitarian rescue channels, and the personnel organizations provide emergency assistance to the retention refugees; the future is ready to be further open, the EU is ready to prepare Additional aid funds to meet the basic needs of retention refugees.

  Previously, according to the Belarusian news agency, November 12th, under the participation of groups such as Belarus Red Cross, Belarusian Social Enterprise Organization, including bread, milk, drinking water, personal hygiene supplies, warm clothing, 10 tons of rescue supplies By refugee in Belarus and Poland border; 13th white Russian President Luchenko ordered a tent to build a tent in refugee points and distribute rescue supplies to refugees. According to Poland, about 3,000 to 4,000 refugees have been stranded on the side of the Belarusian border. Due to the cold winter, the refugees lack food, drinking water, winter materials and other life necessities, and their situation is very difficult, have a number of refugees During death, the United Nations High Commissioner Bachelet was shocked by the "desperation" of a large number of refugees and immigrants, urged the Belarus and the Polish government to solve the crisis of this "unable tolerance".