The first round of inspection of the 12th Municipal Committee

The first round of inspection of the 12th Municipal Committee

  According to the unified deployment of the Baoding Municipal Committee, 5 patrol groups of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee, Baoding Daily, Citizen Zone, Municipal Local Finance Supervision Bureau, Municipal Federation of Trade Union, Municipal Committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, Municipal Federation, Municipal Industry and Commerce, Municipal Disabled 10 units of the organization launched a routine patrol, and the patrol started from the date of the announcement, and time was about 1 and a half months. This round of inspection, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Middle, Third, Fourth, Five-Plenary Session, adhere to the center, service overall, comprehensive implementation Inspector work policy, accurately implement political inspection requirements, two maintenance as a fundamental task.

It is tightly submitted by the Patrol Party to fulfill the party’s leadership responsibility. In-depth find political bias, focus on the party’s theoretical route policy and party central decision-making deployment in the grassroots implementation, focus on corruption and unhealthy winds around the people, focus the patrol party Organize leadership teams and team construction and the implementation of the last inspection supervision and implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of key supervision and inspection. I adhered to where the party’s central and provincial and municipal decisions were deployed. When the inspection followed up, urged the continuous improvement of political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and fully play the implementation of supervision and protection, and promoted the improvement of development, and building Jing Xiongao The integrated development new pattern, passionate for 145, and then make a new Baoding to provide strong political protection. The patrol group mainly accepts the letter to reflect the leadership team and its members, the next level of party organization leaders, the leading cadres of the leading cadres, the focus is about violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, the masses Report and reflection of discipline, work discipline and life discipline.

For other petitions with other personal appeals, involvement of the inspection work, involved in the law, will be responsible, the principle of management, the principle of management, and transferred to the relevant departments. In order to facilitate the cadres and the people, each patrol group set a special duty telephone, contact telephone, email, postal mailbox during the inspection period, and set the inspection group in the patrol unit, welcome the cadres and masses to reflect the relevant situation to the municipal party committee. question. Special announcement. The Office of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, November 9, 2021.

The Beijing-Bei Fungian Consumers Association jointly released: 33 live band samples suspected of illegal violations

The Beijing-Bei Fungian Consumers Association jointly released: 33 live band samples suspected of illegal violations

Original title: 33 live tape samples suspected of illegal violations yesterday, Beijing Consumers Association and Hebei Consumer Rights Protection Committee jointly issued live broadcast consumption experience investigation report. In 100 live goods experience samples, 33 suspected of illegal violations. The results of the survey showed that the current live betting consumption experience is generally better, but there are also some suspected false propaganda, do not follow the regulations of the public dosage information, the words and deeds, the price misleading, and there are no significant probabilities of private trading risks.

  17 samples suspected of false propaganda Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that this live broadcast consumption experience survey, selected Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, spell, Suning, Vipshop, shake, fast hand, small red book and 10 e-commerce platforms such as Weibo and Weiaya, Li Jiaqi, Singba, Egg, Singer Baby, Chen Jie Kiki, Sydney and other 10-bit net red star as a survey.

  Experience the survey report showed that 33 liveband experience samples suspected of illegal violations, Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast room and other 17 samples suspected of false exaggeration publicity; fast hand "Egg 22 Summer explosion" 5 samples such as live broadcasts are suspected of words and deeds; shake "Han Zhaide" "Han Zhaide director (Tarios)" 2 samples such as live broadcasts, allegedly misleading; spelling a lot of "Thousand Dustang Hall help high-store" live store corresponding to physical stores, etc. 13 Samples are suspected of non-publicize information; Suining Tesco "Direct Small Masters" live broadcast rooms, etc., etc. is suspected of implementing "7 days no reason to return" provisions; three platforms such as Vipcom will be suspected Private trading risks in a significant manner.

  In 17 samples suspected of false propaganda issues, other staff members of the anchor or live broadcast are induced by the publicity of promotional products, and the use of extreme use words, etc., suspected of violating consumers’ rights and Select the right.

For example, the experience person saw in Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast, the anchor announced that "Eating a day" when introducing a white jade lychee, "can help you to drain the oil, manage the big belly Roop, but also remove moisture. " 5 samples suspected of existence of words and deeds, and a total of 5 live tape samples were suspected of speech and vulgar issues. Taobao "Star Makeup Artist DD", Taobao "Mei Niang – Chamei", Quick "Egg No. 22 Summer Explosive Product", shake "people silly temper window" and other live broadcasts suspected of speech and vulgar problems Name.

  For example, experience people experience shopping during the fast-moving "Egg 22 Summer Explosive" live broadcast, in order to show the elasticity of the trousers, the staff pulls the pants tried to tries to the people, causing live broadcasts.

Subsequently, the live broadcast was stopped by the fast-handed platform, and the screen prompt "The vulgar words and deeds, performances, punishments or stickers. Anaten is rectified, please wait patiently."

  Some anchor suspected of misleading consumers This experience survey found that some anchors use the high-priced price of other platforms in the live broadcast to induce consumers to buy their live broadcasts, suspected of using the price means of misunderstanding misleading consumers. For example, the experience is in the shake "Han Zhaide" live room to purchase a box of golden six Fuya 8 strong fragrant 42 degree white wine (500 ml × 6 bottles). When this wine is recommended, the next staff is deliberate to the lens to show the price of the wine in the Jingdong platform, and the anchor is called 1429 yuan in an east, only 298 yuan in his live broadcast. The experience personnel contact the Jinxiao manufacturer, responsible for the manager of this wine sales, said that this wine in Jingdong and shakes is their goods, the cost price is about 40 yuan, the market promotion is generally 70-80 yuan a bottle , That is, 420-480 yuan per box, 1.429 yuan per box in Jingdong, is not normal market price. The manager also said that some dealers have a store in Jingdong, but it is deliberately hanging a high price, promoting how good this wine is, through this marketing means to promote. In response to the problem of live broadcast, the Beijing-Biographic Consumers Association recommends that the live band operators should be integrified to follow the law; the relevant departments should further strengthen the supervision of the live broadcast of the goods, to grasp the focus of the star, Nethong and other key supervision, let It assumes responsibility to compatibility with traffic; to increase exposure of the illegal lives, and listed in the credit blacklist according to the severity of infringement; remind consumers to improve their self-protection awareness. Text / Our reporter Wang Wei (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share more people to see.

Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

Shaoxing Keqiao landing application "Qinghe Village" new platform 

  A recently, Anhua Village, Anhua Village, Shaoxing Keqiao District, required new garbage classification and cleaning staff, Zheng Ge Ya, the main committee of the village party, did not directly "point the head", but opened the grassroots public power, online approval application, in the migrant The management module released the proposal proposal, waiting for the secretary of the village party, and the director of the village committee.

Each step of the next step is "sun" in the sun, and the whole process of the system will be marked, and the villagers can supervise at any time. How to standardize the village level in the background of "shoulders" Tao Shijun, the head of the party style and clean government information supervision center of the Keqiao District Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that Keqiao is exploring the use of digital means to establish comprehensive coverage, up and down, run an efficient supervision system, and prompts the minimal operation of small micro-power operations, supervision standardization , Publicly transparent, promoting comprehensive from severely governing the party to the base layer. The grassroots public power of Zheng Ge Ye is online approval application, on September 1, this year, it is the "Qinghe Hantun" digital reform result in the "Three Service" in Keqiao District, "Three Service". . This application includes a number of business modules such as official seal management, migrant management, procurement management, difficult assistance, asset resources, and village-level projects. Each module has established a full process, standardized operating model, so that small micro power is online. The full visualization is traced back.

  In the background of the system, the reporter saw that the use of the use of civilian village despite the upload, but the follow-up process will take a look: After the appointment, the village should be publicly issued, and the villagers can register; determine the proposed workers, it is necessary Public issuings, accept village supervision; the actual application of the village committee director, the village regulatory association (monitoring work contact station) should be verified; the final salary is issued, and it is necessary to pay from the "three-capital" management system of the countryside.

There is a problem with any one, and the process can’t go.

  "This set of operation is designed for small and honesty." Tao Shijun said that the original intention is to prevent illegal labor assignments, the ultra-reporting work, the employment price is obvious, and the number of personnel is aberrable. Survival problems. In actual operation, the app is also open to the "three service" public platforms in the village. The small micro power "supervises a point" mutual progress, the public content of small micro-power operation will automatically push, open in real time, the masses can enjoy various villages in real time The right to know the level of affairs, and supervise the performance of the village cadres. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Quanzhou County held the Party Style and Clean Government Construction and Warning Education Conference

Quanzhou County held the Party Style and Clean Government Construction and Warning Education Conference

The conference site.

In order to give full play to the role of the side by the case, Teutang Tang is fully played, and further builds the party members and cadres to resist the risk and resist corrosion.

Recently, Quanzhou County held the county party style and clean government construction and warning education conference.

The General Assembly pointed out that party members and cadres should continue to deepen the understanding of the importance and urgency of the party-style and clean government construction, strict discipline, and the case, continue to promote the construction of cadres, and implement responsibility, strengthen measures, Excessive means ensures that the party’s integrity is implemented.

"The case around us will give us a ‘Board Curse’, and the lessons are very profound.

We must conduct awareness, firm ideals, and maintain the awe of the party’s law, let discipline, and rules become a habit of deep bone marrow, becoming a self-consciousness of behavior. "The leading cadres who participated in the conference have expressed their awareness of the law, prevent corruption, and always pay attention to preventing micro–, do not make the small festival into a big evil, often the alarm bells.

(Lai Yifeng Huang Pedic) (Editor: Zhang Fang, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.

The total production value of our area increased by 8.8% year-on-year.

The total production value of our area increased by 8.8% year-on-year.

This newspaper Urumqi October 29, the peak of Pomegranate Cloud / Xinjiang Daily was learned from the Autonomous Region Bureau of the Autonomous Region: The total production value (GDP) billion yuan in the first three quarters, according to the ratio price calculation, year-on-year growth growth %.

The economic presentation of the whole district "steadily and in progress, into the Chinese solid base, the whole direction" development trend. From the three industries, agricultural production has grown sharply, and the food production is high; the industrial production is stable, the high-tech manufacturing has grown sharply; the service industry has accelerated rebound, and the transportation industry supports. After the national statistical bureau, the total output value of the agricultural and forestry and fishery service industry, the year-on-year growth percentage increased in the first three quarters, the year-on-year growth% increased. The added value of industrial enterprises above the size increased in the same period in the previous year, and the average growth rate of two years; the increase in high-tech manufacturing increased in the same period in the previous year, and the growth rate increased a percentage point in the same period over the same period last year.

From January to August, service industry companies in size achieved business income billions, grew up in the same period of the previous year, and greater an average growth in two years.

From the demand side, the first three quarters, the investment, consumption and exports in the first three quarters, the "three driving carriage" has played their own role in pulling economic growth.

Fixed asset investment continues to grow, and private investment is increased. In the first three quarters, fixed asset investment in the whole district (excluding farmers) increased by the same period in the previous year, and the growth rate increased by a percentage point in the same period in the previous year, two years an average growth%.

Among them, private investment increased by 48% over the same period of the previous year, and the growth rate increased by a percentage point in the same period in the previous year, accounting for the specific gravity of fixed asset investment. The consumer market is resumed, and it is restored to the same level of 2019. In the first three quarters, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the whole district, which increased in the same period in the previous year, and the growth rate increased by a percentage point in the same period over the previous year.

The total import and export is small, and the export value of industrial exports is growing faster. In the first three quarters, the total import and export of 100 million yuan was increased in the same period of the previous year. Among them, it is exported to billion yuan, an increase in 100 million yuan, an industrial export delivery value of 100 million yuan, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. The overall situation is overall, and the income gap between urban and rural residents is shrunk.

In the first three quarters, the urban urban new employment was 10,000 people, completed the annual target task; the employment difficult person realized the employment. The per capita disposable income of urban residents is 2,785 yuan, an increase of 9% over the same period of the previous year, and the actual growth of price factors is deducted; the per capita disposable income of rural residents is 4,864 yuan, and the growth% is deducted.

The ratio of urban and rural residents’ income is narrowed by the same period last year. The industrial product production and sales is good, and the efficiency of industrial enterprises is doubled. In the first three quarters, industrial sales value billions of industrial products were achieved in the whole district, an increase of% in the same period of the previous year, and increased a percentage point in the same period of the previous year. From January to August, industrial enterprises above the scale achieved business income billions, which increased in the same period of the previous year; achieving benefits billions, growth, and two years average growth%.

Promote the spirit of the great website and strive to be high quality development

Promote the spirit of the great website and strive to be high quality development

In recent years, Wuxi City-level organs have revolved around the "strong and beautiful" target requirements, unwavering the promotion of industrial powers, and implement national strategies such as the development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, carry out the "striving for the leading pioneer" action, promoting the grassroots party organization and All party members have promoted the spirit of the great website, actively participating in the high level, comprehensively built a well-off society, and striving for high quality development leading pioneers.

At the beginning, it is always a pioneer.

Implement the Municipal Party Committee’s "Implementation Plan on Strengthening the Party", adheres to the political standards and political requirements throughout the work. Establish and improve the supporting mechanism of the list management, supervision and inspection, and promote the major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee in Wuxi, and regularly carry out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the implementation of the implementation of the situation "look back". Promote the leadership of the party members to take the lead in implementing the double-rejuvenated living system, take the lead in the party class, take the lead to guide the grassroots party construction work, the party members lead cadres participate in the double formation life rate reached more than 97%, the 516 Party Group (Party Committee) members of the municipal government established the party branch work contact . Use a good local red resource, party sexual education position, and adhere to centralized training and combining daily education, organize education and self-improvement, and integrate the party’s loyalty education into the family taught construction, implement "Wuxi City Political Ecological Monitoring and Evaluation Work Specific Implementation Program ", regularly carry out ideological dynamic investigation and analysis. At always highlight the idea leading to the pioneer. Focusing on in-depth study and implementing the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of new development concepts, improve the long-term mechanism of leading cadres’ theory learning, and implement learning and training programs.

Adhere to the "First Topic" system, establish a major learning system for the top of the party group (Party Committee), and study the full coverage of the city-level organ center group. Do a good job of "learning powerful" Wuxi learning platform, "thinking cloud", "Liangxi Lecture Hall", "Mobile Minutetang" and other carriers, the municipal government has created the "Shangxian Reading Club" to learn the brand in 2018, has organized More than 40 people talk about the experience of learning new ideas.

Around the comprehensive well-off, the industrial power market is deep, the long triangle is the initiative, the major risk prevention and control attack, start "no difficulty, careful" best business environment brand, various branches " For the new idea, lay four "discussion activities nearly a thousand fields, promote the party members of the organ for the new ideas, focus on the idea, new requirements, new situation, new mission, uncomfortable, work inertia and Path reliance.

Government service "One Netcom", "Big Data + Command Center + Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team" law enforcement model reform, international exchange "deep plowing plan", development area new development concept demonstration zone creation, etc., the implementation of small and medium-sized social investment projects " 35 days ", the network has more than 90%. At the beginning, he is loyal to the pioneer. According to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions in Jiangsu, grasp the "strong rich and beautiful" connotation requirements, follow the "Five Moving New Stairs" practical paths, and struggle to promote exploratory innovation leader.

Improve the long-term mechanism of "four investigation", focus on solving practical problems, and the municipal government has formed more than 100 important investigation reports annually.

Inheriting the spirit of "4,400,000", conducting professional literacy, strengthening the management capabilities and professional training, and sounding the emergency response mechanism of major emergencies and the emergency mobilization of party members and cadres.

Throughout the Municipal Party Committee "Some measures" incentive cadres in the "three" three mechanisms of the municipal party committee "," the new era "pioneer", explore the "Magma" and other systems such as the new era of trees. In order to change more "it is impossible" as "possible", in the city, "Thousand Cadres", in accordance with the "Strain, the development of the city, highlight the project to attack the characteristics, focus on key difficulties, pay attention to projects" In principle, 70 of the first batch of attacks were listed this year, and the project consisters were jointly participated in the departmental cadres as the main body. Always keep the people in their own feelings. Seriously implement the provincial party committee to carry out the "two-in-two" construction of the new work, the "three strong three promotion" the theme activities of the Municipal Party Committee, "three newspapers" system "three newspapers" system for establishing in-service party members The views ", extensively carry out series of activities such as" Double-to-Chun "" "Shuangliu Shuangliu", "Sanlian Separation", driving the window unit, actively implement the commitment, agent, the first question, limited time office, the party member is focused on the countryside Revitalizing, community governance, joint enterprises, etc., etc., have a deep-entry, big investigation, and efforts to solve the problem of good education, medical, culture, pension, and childcare, etc., only this year has implemented the municipal level "I The masses do 87 projects and "micro-happiness" projects. Strengthening daily supervision, establishing an interoperability mechanism for the establishment of a Chinese style hotline, 12345 hotline, and strengthen the supervision inspection of the complaints of the municipal government. Increase online comments, in the "Machine Pioneer Network" opened "The Office of the Work", promoting the people to reflect the problem in time and reform, with the actual results of the trust in the people, let the people have more "healthy" feelings, There are more happiness of "smile". (Editor: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhong Ming).

Tot ziens in 2023! De eerste onbemande metro in het noordwesten: Xi’an metrolijn 16 fase I-procedure koud Xi’an metro rijden – Xi’an News

Tot ziens in 2023! De eerste onbemande metro in het noordwesten: Xi’an metrolijn 16 fase I-procedure koud Xi’an metro rijden – Xi’an News

  Onlangs, met de laatste top van Xi’an-metrolijn 16, is de laatste bovenkant van het Tongdong Avenue-station voltooid en het 9e station van de eerste fase van metrolijn 16 realiseert zich alle afgetopte.

  Xi’an Metro-lijn 16 Fase I Engineering North Qiyuan Jinji Energy Energy Second Road, Nanxiandong New City Po?try Town, volledige lengte is ongeveer duizend meter, en er zijn 9 stations. Op dit moment, het Energy Third Road Station, Station Energiecentrum, Shanglin Road Station, Koitang Road Station, Kubi Road Station, Yundong 3 Road Station, Station Jidong Avenue, Happy Valley Station, Shandong Xiaowei Station, is afgetopt. Het totale bedrag van het intervalschild voltooide het totale bedrag van 18 single-line-schermintervallen, en het was gepland om een ??verkeersoperatie op te bouwen in 2023. De eerste fase van Xi’an Metro-lijn 16 ligt aan Lin Road, Fuxing Avenue, Fengyi Avenue, en maakt verbinding met het begingebied van Energie Jintong District, Zandong Science and Technology Coordination Area. Silk Road Center, Xi’an Happy Vallei, po?zie, etc.

  Na de eerste fase van Xi’an Metro-lijn 16 is het de eerste spoorwegtransitlijn in het noordwestelijke gebied.

  Vervolgens, onder het uitgangspunt van het waarborgen van veiligheidsproductie, bevordert de stad de voortgang van de voortgang van de eerste fase van metrolijn 16, en streven ernaar om een ??verkeersoperatie vast te stellen voordat de Aziatische beker officieel werd gehouden in juni 2023. Bron: XI’AN uitgebracht gerelateerd heet woord zoeken :.

Ulat Zhongqi Yinshan Rock geschilderd door het National Social Science Fund

Ulat Zhongqi Yinshan Rock geschilderd door het National Social Science Fund

  Onlangs kondigde het National Philosophical and Social Science Work Office de 2021 National Social Science Fund jaarlijkse project- en jeugdproject project, de "Inner Mongolia Ulat China, Inner Mongolia Ulat China", besloot om het National Social Science Fund Project Archeology Study te voltooien op de Projectproject.

  Sinds 2017, onder de leiding van de afdeling Hoger-niveau in de rivier de Mongoli?, hoge nadruk op de opleiding van jonge experts, lokale deskundigen, verbeterde continu verbeterde onderzoeksmogelijkheden en bepaal het onderzoek van hoogwaardige ontwikkelingsstrategie, speciale instelling van Yinshan Rock Painting Research Room, rond Bayan City Yinshan Rock Painting verklaart het basisonderzoek van World Cultural Heritage, en het padonderzoek heeft een aantal knelpunten in de onderzoeksprojecten in het onderzoeksproject uitgevoerd, met succes de basisstudie van de Chinese culturele culturele uitdrukking erfgoed van het culturele erfgoed van de wereld.

De studie was onderwerp voor het project Social Science Fund van Inner Mongolia Horghum Culture ("Yinshan Rock Painting" onderwerp "onderwerp" onderwerp "gaf een belangrijke doorbraak uit.

  Het National Social Science Fund is het hoogste niveau, het meest gezaghebbende en concurrerende project op het gebied van filosofie en sociaalwetenschappelijk onderzoek. De onderzoeksresultaten hebben de nationale sociale wetenschappelijke onderzoeksnormen weerspiegeld, die de constructie en innovatie van het discipline-systeem van mijn land is, Academisch systeem, discoursesysteem. Belangrijk platform.

Yinshan-rots geschilderd als een kostbaar cultureel erfgoed van de stad van Bayannre, en het onderzoek van de top van het top-academische onderzoeksproject, dat niet alleen betekent dat Bayan Deli Toerisme culturele ondernemingen het wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingsproces van hoge kwaliteit hebben ingevoerd, wat betekent dat de wetenschappelijke kwaliteit van de stad Onderzoekscapaciteit is begonnen aan de nieuwe reis van het National Top Scientific Research-team.

  De oprichting van de "Inner Mongolia Ulat China, Mountain Rock Painting-gegevens" gevuld met de kloof in het nationale onderwerp Yinshan-rots van Yinshan, en de tentoonstelling van zijn resultaten zal onvermijdelijk een van de resultaten van mijn land worden geworden met Yin Mountain Rock Painting. (Reporter Tu Jusi) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Underline online combined with Fuling network security publicity week start

Underline online combined with Fuling network security publicity week start

Lingling Network Publicity Week Launching Ceremony. At the launching ceremony, the Minister of the Fuling District Committee, the Minister of Propaganda Department, gave a flag for the Network Civilization Volunteer Service Team.

At the scene, there is also a publicity show board such as "anti-fraud knowledge I am" "These rumors you don’t believe" and improve the public’s network security awareness. At the same time, it also sets "蛋!"

  Not only that, from October 12 to 17, the relevant departments took the lead, Fuling will also carry out the campus day, telecom day, the rule of law day, financial day, youth day, personal information protection day, 6 theme activities.

Not only the network security theme is flashing, but also launched three "Fuling Network Safety Officers" themes of different lines, through the way the network security theme screen and propaganda slogan, the continuous flow promotion is 1 month. In addition, everyone can pay attention to the "Net Letter Fuling" WeChat public account, online ride on the network security theme bus, visit some landmarks in Fuling, card network security knowledge, and get cash red envelopes or physical prizes rewards.

Seeking net commentors: the new electoral system provides powerful protection for democratic development in Hong Kong

Seeking net commentors: the new electoral system provides powerful protection for democratic development in Hong Kong

  The 7th Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be held on December 19.

This is the first Legislative Council election after improving the Hong Kong election system, and is also a vivid practice of Hong Kong democratic development under the new elective system.The 153 candidates camped 90 seats, and the campaign was unfolded.Candidates have visited voters, some of which placed the street station, and some participated in the campaign forum, through the proppantion, more political, compared to the concept, more than the assumption, and contribution, etc., actively strive for electoral support.

  Elections are a form of democracy.

For a long time in the past, the Hong Kong election was an external force to intervene the political tools in China.

In order to achieve "Patriot Governor", blocking the electoral system vulnerability, promoting the democratic development of Hong Kong, achieving good governance, in March this year, the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee revised the Hong Kong election system.

In May, the local legislative work of Hong Kong is fully completed, and the new election system is smooth in Hong Kong.

The new electoral system ensures that "Patriot Governor" will effectively enhance the wide represessment, political inclusive, balanced participatory and fair competitiveness of the democratic electoral system, which can also reflect the overall interests and fundamental interests of Hong Kong society, which is conducive to improving governance. Effectiveness, providing a powerful guarantee for the democratic health development of Hong Kong.

  The new electoral system ensures "patriotic governance", but never engage in "clear color".

Under the new electoral system, "Hong Kong Unique" molecules, inverse chaos, the molecules, absolutely unable to enter the special administrative region governance architecture. Under the premise of supporting the "One Country and Two System" policy, the People’s Republic of China and its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, compliance with the Constitution and Basic Law, Hong Kong Guoan Law, as long as it is good at comprehensively and accurate implementation of "one country, two systems" in the practice of the country, good at cracking Hong Kong’s development The various contradictions and problems are good at doing practical things for the people, good at the strength of unity, and can become a Hong Kong.

The Legislative Council is not "mono", and the candidate comes from different political groups, political factions, representing different political spectrum, holding different political concepts and ambitions.

A number of people holding different political and advocates have successfully nominated.

They have a selection of elegance supported by political groups, and they also have their own selection, and they compete with all legislative councils, and they compete on the same platform, reflect the maximum open tolerance of the new electoral system. The new electoral system can reflect the public opinion of Hong Kong and take into account the interests of all parties.

The Legislative Council election, the candidate has both the union of the business, academic, and professional worlds, and representatives from the social grassroots, staff, SME operators; there are both local Hong Kong people, and "Hong Kong" "Drifting"

People who live public housing and "劏房", bus long, registered electrician, etc. have become a legislature election candidate, which is not in Hong Kong.

The new electoral system divides the legislative conference into three major sectors, and the constituent structure is optimized, which makes all the layers, all kinds, and all aspects represent the legislature, thus ensuring political participation, and also ensures benefits.

The extensive representation and equilibrium participation of the new electoral system makes the elections have broken through a limitations of the interests of a certain connection, region or political group, enabling all steps, all kinds, and all aspects of the governance. Active representative, better reflecting the voices of most Hong Kong people, responding to the demands of most Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong society has accumulated a lot of contradictions, and the legislature needs the Legislative Council to take into account all sectors of Hong Kong and different interests in all sectors, better balance the overall interests of Hong Kong, the interests and regional benefits.

The new electoral system is in line with this need to reflect public opinion, and it is also more in line with Hong Kong.

  The new electoral system enables the election to return to benign competition, returning to the original intention of the people in Hong Kong.

"Democracy is not ornament, not used to make a decoration, but to solve the problem of the people to solve." The 7th Legislative Council elections, all 90 seats are competitive, and there is no automatic election.

This is never seen since the return of Hong Kong.

It can be said that "the district is competitive, and it will be selected". More importantly, under the new election system, a candidate walked into the "劏 房" cage, frying farmers, a selection of election political documents focusing on economic people’s livelihood topics, and campaign is no longer just squeezing with each other, "is opposed Opposition ", but more rational, fair, order, pay more attention to people’s livelihood and development issues, pay more attention to the capacity and quality display of the candidates.

As some Hong Kong citizens said that Hong Kong has been a long period of time, blindly pursuing Western democracy, but in fact, it is not true democracy to Hong Kong society, but social differentiation, depass, leading to social sequencing, economic imbalance, management The crisis of governance, Hong Kong "black storm" brings the horrible vitality, is the pain in our heart, Hong Kong residents did not really enjoy democracy.

The new election system has enabled the election to return to a benign competition, and the people of Hong Kong are also beneficial, and The new electoral system is in line with the actual situation of Hong Kong and promoting the system of Hong Kong’s democratic health development. What kind of electoral system in Hong Kong is China’s internal affairs, and Hong Kong’s electoral system is good. It is necessary to see if it is in line with the reality of Hong Kong. Whether it is conducive to Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability and long-term treatment.

In this regard, any external forces have no right to interfere. There are some people in the world to take care of the facts, scrape, and seize the election system of Hong Kong, can only expose their ignorance, arrogance and prejudice.

A large amount of facts have proved that they are not "excellent students" in the democratic class, and they are not qualified to be "teachers". The Chinese people have never been as confident in the socialist democratic system of Chinese characteristics today, and is confident in the development of the democratic system that meets the actual situation of Hong Kong.

Those defects forget the ancestors, colluding the external forces, no matter where they escape, they will eventually be stained in the shame column of history and are punished by the deserves. As the new election system is fully implemented, the democracy of Hong Kong will develop steadily, and government governance performance will continue to improve. Hong Kong residents will gradually become a reality. (Editor: Yang Shaohua Sisi).