Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Single county: deep learning of the party history of the people

Recently, the villagers of Xuzhai Town, Single County, Sun Fengqing, ready to open a fruit and vegetable refrigeration company, and gradually completed the relevant information in accordance with the network operation guide.

At 12:20, this is a getting time, when checking feedback information in the afternoon, he found that the application has been accepted.

"Less than 1 minute, the system feedback is completed, the business is completed.

24 hours a day, service, second bato stop, it is convenient and comfortable! Sun Fengqing said happily.

Online, 24-hour operation promoted the construction of smart government, further optimizing the business environment, and became the county to serve people’s livelihood and vividly portrayed the people. Since the study of party history, Single County has put "I do practical things for the masses" as an important content and highlights, I insist on the problem-oriented, based on the needs of the people, and sincerely make real things, solve the problem, and continue to promote the party history education. Walk deep.

The organization has advanced "speed", the problem focuses "accuracy" single county successfully held "I am issued to the masses" practice activities promotion meeting, the issuance of implementing plan, work arrangements, and formulate 2 batch of 59 key people’s livelihood projects, pass The media announced to the public and set columns to track reports.

On the basis of solid progress of "I do practical things for the masses", the deep excavation summary surrounded by the protection of people’s livelihood, service enterprise experience, case brand, advanced typical, and further promoting party history education, "I have practical things for the masses." "The work is quickly advanced. The county is focused on solving the bulls of people’s livelihood, the problem of 020 service platform, the spear center, the grassroots mens, the network platform, etc. , Effectively find the problem, dig the roots to dig deeply, and the masses look forward to the test.

At present, the 59 "I have a practical thing to do for the masses" in the county, and the two batch of key people’s livelihood projects released in the province and the city have been steadily advanced, and 43 tasks have been completed, and the average completion scheme is completed.

The convenience service has "strength", and the volunteers are warm and have "temperature" single counties to adhere to the most realistic interests, and then accurate, and then power in solving the "hurry" problem.

I adhered to where the needs of the masses are working, and they do a good job in people ‘s livelihoods such as culture, transportation, employment, and help.

At present, the "Cultural Entry Wanjia" "One Year, a Village" performance 268, the public welfare film reflected more than 3,600 games, benefiting more than 150,000 people.

The road network extension Tongda project completed 200 kilometers, and the road network renovation improvement project completed 50 kilometers, and there were 2 crisis transformations.

The 23 of the county has started construction, with a total construction area of ??1.16 million square meters, a total of 13904 households, benefiting more than 30,000 people. "CEO" resolves the problem of enterprise development, and the county-level leader as "chief service official", carrying out "one-on-one, point-to-point" precision service for private enterprises and key projects.

The Chief Service Jointly wrote 297 questions involved in the difficulty of transformation. All 228 were completed, 69 were being handled, and the company won the praise. The 8 banks in the county selection 30 business backbone, and the knot is supporting 166 companies (projects), and solves the financing needs billion yuan. Establish 1 emergency transfer fund and effectively alleviate the difficulties of SMEs (projects).

Carried out more than 6,000 civilized practice activities such as the countryside, filial piety and dumpling dumpling activities, and investigated a large number of people reflected strong people’s livelihood issues. By visiting the investigation, there is more than 2,000 pieces of beautiful rural construction, social security, social security payment, household neighborhood contradiction, wheat subsidies, stop water, land disputes, etc.

Publicity and education have "deep", service development has "breadth" single county to carry out distinctive distinctive characteristics, form variety of learning education, promote party history education, deep into the masses, deep into the grassroots level, deep into people. Enrich the platform carrier. Persist on the place where the site is linked, and it is good to use live red resources. All township streets walked into the Lake West Red Education Base. The Husi Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery launched the "School History, Ming Jian" Theme Party Day event, and the county education positions accumulated the party members and cadres and the masses of more than 150,000 people. In-depth preaching, established more than 20 promotional teams composed of more than 260 preliminary prices to carry out more than 500 games, more than 100,000 people in the audience. Extensive publicity, give full play to the role of "two-center one platform", promote the all-round display of the county party history education, all media participation, all platform promotion, create in the whole society. All systems in the county have based on actual, combined with work functions, focus on the benefits of the people’s people, and formulate a list of difficulties to solve the problem for the people to help the masses handle the real thing for the people, let practical results, and serve the county economic society. developing.

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The Nobel Dinner held a thousand police officers outside the city hall.

The Nobel Dinner held a thousand police officers outside the city hall.

People’s Network Thundermo on December 10th According to the Swedish Public TV: Today, the annual Nobel dinner will be held in the City Hall, and at this time, thousands of police parade demonstrated, protesting low salary andPlever working conditions.

The media participated in one of the head of the police union of the organizational parade. He said to the media that choosing this special day, because many national political guides will celebrate Nobel awards, we hope that they can realize that they are allThe policeman in protecting their safety and safeguarding social security.

And we are very dissatisfied with low wage and harsh working conditions.Although the police trade will receive a parade, due to the particularity of today, they are banned from using a megaphone.(Wang Wei).

Red boat gap: the kite of the disconnection is not free

Red boat gap: the kite of the disconnection is not free

  "Two Learning One Do" study and education For more than a year, the majority of party members are quenched in education, and they are tempered in learning, and the party is strengthened.

However, in the process of learning education, some party members have exposed a lot of problems. Particular party members are not disciplined, do not talk about the rules, in the party, in the party. Various behaviors do not meet the identity of party members, and there is also the image of the damage party. Not in the rules, there is no rounded round.

As a member of the party, he has solemn swearing on the party: support the party’s program, abide by the party’s charter, and strictly guarding the party’s discipline.

That is to say, since the date of oath, party members will keep the "party discipline" in mind, integrating the words "Party" in the heart of the party.

From the real situation, some party members have spoken, do things, do not originate from the party discusions.

  Comrade Mao Zedong has pointed out that as party members and iron disciplines are not implemented. The headbands on the head of Sun is gold, the Communist Party is iron, and the golden hoops of Sun bus are still very powerful. It can be seen that discipline is the party’s lifeline, and it is a guide for every Communist Party. In the era of revolutionary war, the Communist Party was relied on the discipline of iron, and the advanced strength from all walks of order was screwed into a rope and achieved the final victory. In 1939, Liu Li Gong was expelled from party events to vibrate the whole party.

In 1938, Liu Ligong joined the Communist Party and entered the party’s training class after he had graduated.

When graduating, the party organization made him go to the grassroots level of North China. But Liu Liong insists on entering the Marxue School or returning to the original. In order to educate him, the party organization has conducted 7 conversations with him, and gave him a mistake.

Later, Liu Liong’s statement was willing to go North China, and the conditions must be working to the General Command of the Eighth Route Army. The party organization disagree, he simply refused to implement the Decision of the party. The Central Party Committee believes that the party has strive to persuade education, but he still does not accept the arrangement of the party organization, violates the party’s discipline, and does not accept the party’s education, correct his mistakes, so it decides to expel its party, and announced The party. In response to this, Chen Yun came to write "Why to expel Liu Liong’s party", it emphasizes the extreme importance of strict abide by the party’s discipline, pointing out that the party is not allowed to abide by the party’s discipline "special person" "special organization", All party members are required to consciously abide by the party discipline.

  The ancients said: "I don’t dare to make it, and they are fearless. Party members follow the rules and discipline, and sometimes the party discharge is the first quasi-rope to ask for it, and to constrain themselves. Once the discipline constraint is lost, or the discipline is as good, the party members are "running the drip", "rushing to the head" in the work, the individual is seriously corrupted, and finally falls into the crime of evil, embarrassed. Just if some of the martyr governments are regretted when they are trapped, they will hold the bottom line, they will not break the discipline, and they will not be unfained by layers. As so-called, one step is wrong, step by step.

Lost discipline, the party members and cadres have no immunity, and they will be subject to many temptations and impact, and even defeat in hunting.

  Looking at the party, also managers around you while taking yourself.

Party members, especially party members, leading cadres must hold their own bottom line, but also set up "high voltage line", manage family, let the power of the "public", "private", only for the masses, do not open green lights for friends and family. Otherwise, it will be harmful to others, harm the party.

Whether it is Liu Tienan to let the boss "bring the son" "more help son", or the Bai Enpei is "care" wife Zhang Huiqing, letting a waiter from a guest house, step by step by step by step by step by step by step. It is finally difficult to escape the party’s law and strict punishment, and the falling of the people is falling … A large number of cases show that party members, especially party members, leading cadres, do not guard the party, no matter how good family members, people will eventually die, harm others. Philosophilies said that the unlined kite not only won’t get freedom, but will plant a sea.

There is a constraint to be more free, and there is discipline. The party discipline provides party members with the fundamental follows of words and deeds. Only every party member is guarding the party, listening to party words, the party’s political ecology will be clear, and the sea is clear.

The man tried to get rid of the poisonous snake, but accidentally burned their houses.

The man tried to get rid of the poisonous snake, but accidentally burned their houses.

  According to the British "Mirror", a man accidentally burned his house when trying to drive away the snake, because this homeowner who did not want to name the name tried to drive away with smoke, this sudden appeared in his home. snake. According to the report of the firefighter, a fire has occurred in the 25 miles of Purceville outside Washington DC.

Petepiringer, a spokesperson, said in the tweezed: "The homeowner tried to use smoke to drive away this snake, but the heat source (coal) is too close to the combustion." Report, the fire occurred on November 23 At 10 o’clock in the evening, more than 70 firefighters rushed to the scene. The fire is spread from the basement of the house, and it is estimated that approximately 1 million US dollars.

According to the American Cable News Network, Piringer said no one was at home at the beginning of the fire, but the owner was at home a few hours ago. A neighbor saw that smoking and called alarm call request assistance.

  Mr. Piringer is displayed on the photo shared on the social network website, the house is completely swallowned, and the fire is turned into rubble when it is extinguished. Fire officials said that the fire started spread and burned to the house from the basement, and the image showed the flame from the roof and the second floor window. Piringer said on the tweet that no one was injured in this fire, but the condition of the snake was unclear.

The public information officers of the fire department revealed more details and describes the cause of the fire as "accident" because the "homeowner tried to use smoke to drive away the snake". The authorities said that the heat source of smoke is coal, but the heat source is "too close to flammable". Piringer told the US Cable News Network Reporter: "Animal Service Agency can make recommendations about pest control or insects. We also recommend that everyone should listen to the processes of professionals to avoid accidents.

"(China Youth Network Compilation Report).

The industry is prosperous

The industry is prosperous

Jiafang Village, Dongcun, Yixian, Jiangxi, China.

Deng Yuxin People’s Network Xinyu October 15 (Zhang Zhibin) October 14 A huge harvest scene … But here is once a provincial poverty village in Jiangxi Province, and the incidence of poverty is as high as 23%.

How to "Butterfly" in the pasting poor village? "The villagers are corrupt, the key is the branch, one branch is a fortress, a party member is a banner, the banner is clear, the masses have an example.

Zhang Guojun, secretary of the party committee secretary of Yutang Township Township, Yixian, said that the key to poverty in Chengjiafang Village is that the branch lacks cohesiveness and combat power, and party members lack the ability to take the lead. Build the party branch, and prefer "lead sheep".

"To get the masses to be recognized, party members must provo the development of development.

Cheng Xiaosheng, the secretary of Chengjiafang Village Party, said that there are 86 party members in Chengjiafang Village. In response to the old party members and cadres’ concept, the "I is a banner – Party Pioneer Demonstration Action" "Pioneer Creation "Party Construction Sanhua" is an opportunity to cultivate and reserve a number of rural excellent talents, developing 5 enrichment people into the party, forming the use of people in Guangna Group, competition, enhanced party members to lead the masses to get rich ability.

The village branch leads and makes a strong industry.

After Jianqiang Village Branch team, a person in the party branch of Chengjiafang Village was seriously looking for a poor root. Characteristic poverty alleviation industry with greenhouse vegetables, Cui counter pear, jelly orange, camphor and crayfish. "There are currently 2 professional cooperatives, and there are 461 mu of a variety of farmers, and the small photovoltaic power station of 100 kW is built. 11 households participating in industrial bases, leading the poor 10 households, 10 people, independently started, and let the families of the households eat the ‘industrial meal’.

Cheng Xiaosheng said.

After more than five years of hard work, Chengjiafang Village is green, the slope is fat, the villagers’ "pocket" also drums, and it has achieved leap-forward development. In November 2018, the village realized the poorest poverty cap; in 2020, the village’s 35 84 poor people were all poverty.

In 2020, the village won the honorary title of "National Defihood Advanced Advanced Collective".

"I now raise the chicken, raise the duck, raise the goose, and raise the sheep. In addition to the expenditure of one year, I can earn five, 60,000 yuan, the days are more popular.

"Deep housing Huang Xiaoping said. The village is beautiful, and a family of Chengjiafang Village Branch is far more. In the past five years, the integration of national yuan to build a beautiful village, improve the infrastructure, and build the party service center, the elderly The home of the family and the family of Bo love children. Walking into the family of Jiafang Village, the old people are gathered in the event hall, chat, play cards, and their music. "Chengjiafang Village Party Branch is a starting person, construct ‘Party Building + Rare House’ Rural Service System, reforming the housing of the village into the homes, providing sunshine catering arrangements and entertainment activities for the elderly or more economic conditions, the elderly or more economic conditions, to solve the living in the village difficulty. Cheng Xiaosheng said.

Today, Chengjiafang Village cement road Tongcun, tap water, cable TV received a household, broadband communication also entered the usual people.

The special industries here are rapidly developed, and the lives of the masses are thriving. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.

Vandaag, waarom hebben we ‘140 jaar oud’ Lu Xun gelezen

Vandaag, waarom hebben we ‘140 jaar oud’ Lu Xun gelezen

Zhongqing-rapport · Zhongqing Net Reporter Jiang Shain Op 19 oktober 2021, Lu Xun’s 85-jarig jubileum, dit jaar is ook 140-jarig jubileum van Lu Xun. Maar mensen die thuis boeken hebben, moeten bijna verschillende LU Xun-werken zijn. Al in 1938 was er de eerste versie van "Lu Xun’s complete werken", en ook opgericht "Lu Xun Complete Works"; na de oprichting van Nieuwe China, de Literatuur Publishing House alleen "LU Xun’s complete werken" worden gepubliceerd. 1958, 1981, 2005 editie.

Er zijn andere uitgevers en andere enkele regels, met name de grote dagen van de 140-jarig jubileum van de geboorte, naast de openbare versie van Lu Xun Work, anderen schrijven ook de werken van Lu Xun zijn ook gepubliceerd, "LU Xun: Mr., Xiaoyu "" "Kan het leven niet onder ogen zien: Lu Xun Chuan" "Su Lu Xun" … september, de 140-jarig jubileum van Lu Xun werd gehouden in de Great Hall of the People, "LU Xun Manuscript" begon in de Nationale Bibliotheek … Deze nationale herdenkingsactiviteiten bovendien woont LU XUN ook op een andere manier in het zicht van een jong persoon.

"Hé is bijten" "Er is ook een Jujube-boom" Word de print op het T-shirt, "Je bent een goed persoon" "", toch? "" Het is inderdaad wat ik zei "werd de slogan op de bladwijzer. .. wanneer veel schrijvers tegelijkertijd een klassieker zijn geworden – het soort stel van de categorie, loopt Lu Xun nog steeds in de voorhoede van de mode.

De geboorte van een "neiging", allereerst, er moet een breed scala aan cognitieve basis en identiteit zijn, die ook de tekst van de tekst van Lu Xun verklaart. Jonge mensen kijken. Lu Xun is "140 jaar oud", waarom lezen we hem nog steeds? Deze jonge persoon heeft twee bronnen van intiem contact met LU XUN: One is een taalklasse, "van de Tuin van de Baicai naar Sanwei Bookstore" "Kong Yi" "Madman Diary" … Het is Lu Xun, dat is geconstrueerd door studieboeken; Eén is online segmenten, veel woorden kunnen worden gezegd door de heer Lu Xun, en de grond en 猹 worden een soort van CP, die door de inzendingen Lu Xun is. Toen de film en televisiewerken van "Awakening New Year" echter ter wereld zijn gekomen, heeft een andere soort in het verleden tussen ons en Lu Xun Zhao Zhao geopenbaard. Hij zei: "Eén stukjes heet, een stuk sturen", en de twee Jujube-bomen hebben ook de waarde van "Tendry" overtroffen, die in een eeuwige jonge mensen staan, hebben de mogelijkheid om Lu Xun te vervangen.

We willen ook Lu Xun lezen, misschien is er een spirituele geest die altijd in hem is. Ik weet niet of de voorweg helder is of niet, ik weet niet of ik een resultaat heb, maar zolang een weg wordt herkend, kunt u gaan. Of u nu het land wilt opslaan, of nu, dergelijk enthousiasme mist nooit volgers.

En heel belangrijk, dit soort enthousiasme is geen impuls van een tiener, maar een soort van "als deze", maar het is ook een vasthoudend, of sommigen zeggen dat het eenvoudig te zeggen is. Zoals we allemaal weten, zei Lu Xun dat hij niet luisterde, en het kwam om het bloed te zien, niet om warmte te nemen; slim, deze jongeren geloofden niet in kippensoep.

Ervaar het sociale smeden, zeg "liegen" is ook "begrafenis", ik ben meer bereid om te begrijpen als een bottom line-bewustzijn, plat liggen, niemand kan me spelen, ik kan opstaan, zien dat de waarheid van het leven me niet voorkomt Houdt nog steeds van het leven. Op dit punt ontmoeten LU XUN en we ons niet. Lu Xun en Xu Guangpen ” twee boeken ‘, praten over de anti-oorlog, is "wanhopige anti-oorlog"; maar hij zei: "Wanhopig" is slechts de eerste stap, en er zou een tweede stap achter moeten zijn – "Anti- oorlog". Lu Xun zei meer, hij had niet verwacht "Quick Win", zelfs niet verwacht "WINS", maar voor een echte mashier, durft het een somber te worden, durft het bloedige bloed te zien.

Het artikel van LU Xun met donkere troepen, we hebben vandaag een demonstratie gemaakt.

Bovendien is het karakter van Lu Xun niet ver weg. "Nieuw verhaal" is het meest typische voorbeeld, de protagonist binnen is een vrouw, 嫦娥, groot 嫦 … kortom, het oude is niet oud; zelfs "nieuw", het is al een kwestie van vorige eeuw.. Maar deze mensen en dingen, veranderen hun namen, is de momenteel verwezen naar de scène.

Deng Xiaomang zei in "Lonely Lu Xun": "Al vele jaren geleden luisterde ik naar een vriend. Hoewel er duizenden jaren in China waren, maar in feite was het maar één harnas, en ik was 60 jaar. Ik lachte na Luisteren. Ik dacht dat het heel humor was, maar ik niet noodzakelijk overdreven.

Onverwacht, toen Mr. Lu Xun de 60e verjaardag van de dood heeft gepasseerd, draaide hij het op het jaar, het was erg verbaasd, het was gisteren geschreven! "Dat is in 1996, het was 25 jaar geleden, en dit is waar.

Tijd lijkt niet effectief te zijn voor Lu Xun, maar voor de meeste mensen is de tijd belangrijk. Bijvoorbeeld, ongeacht het boek, film en televisie, kunst … nu, alle lagen van het leven willen vangen, zelfs om jonge mensen te behagen, immers, de voorkeuren van jongeren bepalen de basisschijf van het toekomstige publiek van de industrie.

Maar voor jongeren is LU XUN niet tevreden, hij is later zelfs verward: is nieuwe jongeren om meer vooruitgang te boeken dan oude mensen? Lu Xun zei in "Mr. He hij hij hij hij zei:" Ik heb tot nu toe, ik heb altijd een optimisme, denkend dat het wordt onderdrukt, het doden van de jeugd, waarschijnlijk een oude man.

Dit soort oude man stierf geleidelijk, en China kan altijd boos zijn.

Nu weet ik, het doden van de jeugd, lijkt waarschijnlijk de jeugd te zijn, en er is geen harmonie voor andere mensen die niet kunnen worden gerepareerd. "Schrijf zo hard, maar Lu Xun is niet dood voor de jeugd, hij is enthousiast over de jeugd van Xiao Hong, Xiao Jun en Johor, zijn jeugd, idealisme, nog steeds houdt van, hij is nog steeds zelf donkere poort, brede plaats. "

Belangrijk is dus niet de aanbidding van de jeugd, inclusief jeugd, en hoeft niet zelf tevreden te zijn met dit leeftijdsvoordeel, maar denk aan de betekenis van de jeugd. Yu Hua, die een toespraak maakte. De meeste van de ruimtes aan de voorkant gezegd dat hij die jaar runxun moest lenen, zelfs toen hij een schrijver werd, zei hij toen de mentale opvolger van Lu Xun, hij voelde dat het in een schriftelijk schrijven was.

Een van de redenen ligt in dat Lu Xun in zijn jeugd is, niet alleen een schrijvernaam, een vertegenwoordiger van vocabulaire voor altijd en voor altijd revolutie. Toen ik op de lagere school was, pleiten Yu Hua en klasgenoten dat toen de zon de aarde verliet, het argument niet voorbij was, totdat Yu Hua Lu Xun deed: "Mr. Lu Xun zei dat de zon dicht bij de aarde is!" Lu Xun was laag. Dat gezegd hebbende, het is absoluut jullie, ik heb het mis.

"Later veranderden de tijden opnieuw. Wanneer LU XUN terugkwam van een woord naar een schrijver, werd Yu Hua hem opnieuw opgericht.

LU XUN gebruikt alleen een zin "Anders, de hond van de Zhao, waarom kijk me niet naar me twee ogen?" Ik schreef een mentaal ongeordende "Madman", Yu Huapei sloeg de investering van vijf lichaam. Alleen wanneer een persoon terugkeert om te discussi?ren, bereid om de reikwijdte van de discussie te bespreken, zal zijn grootheid in zijn sterfelijke lichaam knipperen. Nu is Lu Xun een sterfelijk.

We weten bijvoorbeeld dat hij niet alleen literatuur begrijpt, maar ook begrijpt, het is een mode-kol.

Xu Shoujun was in de "Download van Lu Xun", "hij was in Hangzhou … Nieuwe jas, de stijl lijkt erg op de hedendaagse Zhongshan-kleding, dit is zijn persoonlijke unieke, genaamd Sushine Tailor". ".

Hij kent het leven niet alleen, maar biedt ook liefdesrichtlijnen – Lu Xun en Xu Guangpen’s "Small Hedge", "Small White Elephant", zei dat de jongeren van vandaag zuchten. Ik ben niet bang voor RU XUN, en ik wil de Young Lu Xun niet begrijpen. Het is zo zoals dit soort Lu Xun, leer me hoe je hem niet leest? [Editor: Guo Yuming, Wang Wen].

US Navy Shipborne Crease is about to test

US Navy Shipborne Crease is about to test

  According to the US Navy Aviation System Command, the US Navy and Boeing Company conducted ground testing on MQ-25A "Sting" carrier oil machine in the Virginian Norfolk Navy Base, preparing for its first shipping test . Inheriting the X-47B related technology MQ-25A Shipborne Carton, a US Navy "Shipborne Unmanned Air Crease" project, his predecessor is "Shipborne Unmanned Air Monitoring and Blow System" project, the latter aims to develop a The carrier unattended and combating drones used to perform marine scout, attack and suppress combat tasks.

In 2007, the design plan of Nosrop Grumman won the "Shipborne Unmanned Air Monitoring and Blow System" project contract. In the following years, the X-47B drones under the project have completed the self-sufficiency and landing of the ship, and the air refueling and other key technologies were completed, and the transport of the shipped unmanned combat aircraft technology was mature.

However, affected by factors such as defense budget restrictions, the project finally undergone.

  In 2016, the United States and National Defense Office officially decided to adjust the "Shipborne Unmanned Air Monitoring and Blow System" project to "Ship-up Unmanned Air Crease System" project, number MQ-25, nickname "sting". The project has developed faster due to the maturity of X-47B drones.

Since this year, the MQ-25A carrier fuel collector has completed the air refueling test of F / A-18 "Super Hornet" fighters, E-2D "Eagle" air early warning machine and F-35C stealth fighter, for the next step – Unmanned flight platform works the foundation. Improve the aircraft carrier formation capability MQ-25A carrier gas drum adopts Rawls Royce AE-3007N turntile engine, maximum takeoff weight of 20 tons. Due to the cancel cockpit and bulge, the airborne oil can be toned, and it can refuel the multi-fighter in the sea area of ??930 kilometers from the aircraft carrier to expand the radius of the carrier machine. Taking the F / A-18 fighter as an example, the operation radius of the machine is 735 kilometers, with the assistance of the MQ-25A carrier oil machine, its combat radius is expected to extend to 1300 kilometers, further expand the aircraft carrier formation, Interception and anti-submarine regions enable the formation commander to flexibly choose a combat plan. In the future, with the use and ability to use the carrier unmanified oil, there is a fuelier that is currently using the shipping machine will gradually exit the task sequence. According to reports, the current US Navy F / A-18 fighters 20% to 30% of the outbads are used in air refueling. The US Navy hopes that after the MQ-25A carrier oil machine is put into use, it will make the F / A-18 fighter to perform combat tasks, and then improve the combat capacity of the aircraft carrier formation. Self-disadvantage is clearly seen, MQ-25A carrier oil machine still has many problems.

For example, the airborne oil is only half of the f / A-18 fighter oil, but the gap is still larger than the refueling demand of the US military operation task. In addition, when performing an oil task, the communication between the MQ-25A carrier oil machine and the oiling machine is provided by the ground control system.

Once the communication is disturbed, it will directly affect the completion of the oil task.

Finally, the MQ-25A carrier oil machine belongs to the oral airplane, the flight speed is slower, once the stealth radar is locked, it is difficult to avoid the attacks of various missiles, hit, the probability of destroying is high, and will also be affected The machine is placed in the risk.

The three-year operation of the National Enterprise Reform of Heilongjiang Province has achieved a new effective country-Parti-Party agreed to invest in the year-on-year increase of nearly 30% year-on

The three-year operation of the National Enterprise Reform of Heilongjiang Province has achieved a new effective country-Parti-Party agreed to invest in the year-on-year increase of nearly 30% year-on-year.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision Committee that the three-year action task of the national enterprise reform of the fund-funded enterprise has completed 65%, and the business income billion yuan is achieved in June, which has increased year-on-year; achieving profit billion, increased year-on-year increase billion In order to promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening of Longjiang Economic and Society, the three-year action open new journey has provided strong guarantee.

It is reported that the party committee of the provincial and national assessment committees has organized the special action of the implementation of the "strong fortress, striving for the front, and promoting reform", and guided the three-year action of the grassroots party organization and party members in promoting the three-year action of deepening state-owned enterprise reforms. Give full play to the fighting fortress and pioneering model role, and effectively transform the strengths of party construction into development advantages.

Each funded enterprise earnestly implemented special actions, actively promoting the depth integration of corporate party construction and central work, in order to promote the implementation of national enterprise reform three-year action, high quality development provides strong guarantee. In the first half of the shipping group, the port throughput was 60,000 tons in the first half of the year. Heihe Port overcomes the impact of floods in flood season, cargo volume and port throughput are superior to the same period in the year.

The newly signed order of the North Company, and seven in the order.

The Agricultural Sap Group achieved business income billions in the first half of the year, an increase of 95% year-on-year.

The tendering company insists to build a service-oriented party organization, promote the "three-point" service, create "personal" "nanny" "private custom" service brand, "service" and society Synchronization of responsibility, paying nearly 500,000 yuan to renovate cultural squares for Dagui Town, Mulan County, builds a party membership room, install 140 solar street lights, and newly repaired roads. A party member is a banner. The Five Creative Creation of Fujin Wind and Electric Party branch has carried out technological innovation through party members, and take the lead to attack the difficulties, achieving the cost of production costs of 23.32 million yuan, mastering 32 wind turbines independent maintenance technology, for enterprise innovation Development provides strong support.

Long Rui Company guided party members to take the lead in carrying out "I have a group of workers, I contribute to the company", and focus on the implementation of a group of zombie enterprise employee resettlement, solve the problem of Sheng coal machinery company’s social security issues, and resolve one The historical legacy issues and petitions have obtained the honorary title of "Advanced Collective" in the province’s petition work.

The Dragon Corporation Party Branch has accumulated more than 230 actual difficulties in the beginning of the year, won the extensive praise of communities, streets and major owners, rang the "List of List of Property Company".

The Trip Group pays attention to integrating party members’ pioneering model role into the whole process of enterprise management development, so that the "soft strength" of party construction work into "hard support" of enterprise development. Highway investment companies continue to crack the highway maintenance engineering closed challenge, 20 days in advance, complete the construction tasks of the fenced section and the crane section.

The Provincial State Administration Commission adheres to the deep integration of party construction and production and management center, and transforms the political advantages, organizational advantages, and mass advantages of grassroots party construction work into a strong power of the reform and promoting the development of enterprises.

Long coal group insists that the management activities and "three five" projects are carriers to ensure safety and efficient production.

Shuangyashan Mining Company Dongrong Second Mining Party Committee highlights the implementation of safety responsibility, three small classes, safety and do not relax, curb the occurrence of safety accidents, realize the "three" goals. The party committee of Longjiang Senmin Group Co. + Attack, Party Building + Innovation, Party Building + Service, Party Building + Integrity "Project, guides the company’s major party members to the heart, the mission, bright identity, and calculation.

The railway group focuses on the implementation plan of the national enterprise reform, refining 75 work goals, implement the implementation of "one-on-one book, one single", and establishing the relevant system of the subsidiary of the board of directors, at the group level And the eligible subsidiaries have implemented the managerial term system and contractual management, completing the key reform tasks such as empty-shell corporate cancellation, "zombie" enterprise disposal.

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The national test written test is about to take the test, ask candidates to prepare nucleic acid certificates.

The national test written test is about to take the test, ask candidates to prepare nucleic acid certificates.

  Data Map: Outside the civil service examination room, the staff visited the candidates. China News News Reporter Jiang Qiming took more candidates to provide nucleic acid negative proof national exams, the examination room is not able to fell lightly.

Recently, many areas issued an announcement to deploy national examination epidemic prevention work. Many areas require candidates to provide nucleic acid detection negative proof in addition to the health code where the exam is located. Taking Jiangxi as an example, there are local cases in the first day of the local case report, which is located in the city (except for the high-risk area) or other provinces; there is a history of fever, dry cough, and olfactory reduction within 7 days of the test; carrying out the import of goods. Candidates who have been related to involvement-related imported cold chain foods or other involvement in 14 days before the test shall provide a 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof.

  At the same time, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Jiangsu and other places require all candidates who take the exam to provide nucleic acid detection negative proof. Taking Beijing as an example, candidates who participated in the national test written test in Beijing should hold the nucleic acid detection negative report of the sample within 48 hours before the first exam. Nucleic acid detection reports must be issued by paper or electronic reports issued nationwide agencies that have neoguanponic virus detection qualifications, and the reports provided must accurately display the sampling time and to be accurate to hours. In addition, Sichuan, Liaoning and other places have put forward different requirements for candidates in different regions, and some regions need to provide 2 nucleic acid detection negative proof. Take Sichuan as an example, all candidates in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the candidates in the Sichuan test area need to provide this first test 3 days before the first test (24 hours of sampling time), the negative report of the new crown virus nucleic acid detection negative report. All candidates in Cangzhou, Mianyang, Yibin City, only need to provide the first 48 hours before the first test, the negative report of the new crown virus nucleic acid detection negative report.

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Rain-opening and evaluation assessment of the Wild City Street Disabled Persons in Hongkou District

Rain-opening and evaluation assessment of the Wild City Street Disabled Persons in Hongkou District

On November 10th, the three hemiplegia disabled staff completed the disabled attendance assessment. From the residential group, the community health center, the community residential community committee was officially opened, and the street disabled was officially opened. If you have a good time to get the end, you will be convenient to the service.

The disabled personnel have generally have many difficulties such as the inconvenience of roads, especially those such as "vegetative".

Therefore, in order to better serve the disabled, the street disabilities are closely surrounding the outstanding issues of the disabled masses’ "difficulties", and the processes can be found in the way, and the disabled people can identify the disability. According to the city and district two-level home evaluation work instructions, the street disabled payment carefully develops workflows, combing service content, and ensures smooth work work. In the "On-Ten Review" service, the review team will understand the physical condition of the disabled person according to the history of disabled people, carefully check and evaluate damage to the limbs of disabled people. For the inconvenience of the action, the people who cannot be self-careless, and the community doctors will also propose daily care methods and recommendations. After the review of the Record Group Assessment, the agent can continue the subsequent application service after the resignation of the residential assessment. Next, the street disabled payment will further understand the number of bases, improve the disabled home evaluation mechanism, optimize the resource elements, and closely contact the disabled people during the process of launching the service, do a good job in visiting visiting work, and effectively enhance the disabled. Get sense, sense of security and happiness, help people with disabled work services have made new breakthroughs.

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