"More Unite" sports athletes use action to interpret the Olympics "new motto"

"More Unite" sports athletes use action to interpret the Olympics "new motto"

On August 1st, the man jumped in the finals, Qatar’s Mutz Balhim and Italy’s Ji’an Malco Tamba, successfully challenged the height of the rice and shared the gold medal. The last three times of the two were finally lost, and the Boaster suggested that they decided to finally win.

But Balhim asked the crop: "Can we have two gold medals?" The Badge has nod, and then the two Olympic men jump high.

"I look at him, he looks at me, we know, no need to be more than, we have done it." Balhim said, "He is one of my best friends, no matter whether it is still present on the court Next. We train together, together, our dreams are achieved, this is the true manifestation of sports spirits, we have convey this belief here.

"The 46-year-old star of this year, Qinna, announced that after participating in the 8th Olympic Games, the worldwide screen sends her to leave her. When she completed her Olympic career, although Tokyo had Ming Gymnastics The audience, but the thunderous applause broke out in the venue.

Almost all in the field, referee, athletes, volunteers and media workers from different countries, have tribute to this athlete who interprets the spirit of the Olympic spirit in life. The applause lingers in the gymnastic hall, and there was no dissipation for a long time.

On the evening of October 3, Beijing time, the Chinese gymnastics team, Chen Chen and Tang Yujing took the gymnastics balanced wood project.

When the game has just ended, a scene that makes the audience moves – American athletes Bayers and Suisha Lee, sincerely send blessings to two Chinese athletes. It is worth noting that in the morning match, Suisha Li has been cheering for her. When the intercourse completed the landing action, it jumped.

Liaocheng has added 4 new vocational school vocational colleges to recruit 41,000 people this year

Liaocheng has added 4 new vocational school vocational colleges to recruit 41,000 people this year

  (Reporter Liu Min) On May 16, the enrollment of Liaocheng High School began to register unified. This year, the city’s vocational college enrollment plan has a total of 10,000 people, an increase of nearly 10,000 over last year. On May 11, the reporter learned from the Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau that the number of vocational schools in our city this year reached 21, an increase of 4 more than last year.

  By promoting private compulsory education, weak high school transformation to vocational education, organizing vocational education in idle education resources, and attracting social forces to invest in vocational education. , Liaocheng Boyuan Secondary Vocational School (Resort), Liaocheng Saint Joe Secondary Vocational School (Resort), Liaocheng Hanwen Middle Vocational School (Xixian).

  In order to expand the quality, Liaocheng Children’s Normal School, Gaotang County Vocational Education Center School, Pingping District Vocational Education Center School, Linqing Industrial School, Liaocheng Dongchangfu District secondary vocational education school and other secondary vocational education schools have accelerated and expanded The conditions for running schools have been greatly improved.

  There are 69 majors and 198 majors in the second vocational education in our city. Among them, the top 10 majors in the number of students are computer applications, electromechanical technology applications, rehabilitation technology, e -commerce, children’s conservation, music, preschool education, accounting electricity Calculation, automotive use and maintenance, and accounting affairs have a total of 32,218 people, accounting for 65%of the number of students.

  In accordance with the principles of strengthening the main professional, expanding emerging majors, improving the requirements of traditional majors and dislocation development, and characteristic development, according to the requirements of building a strong city of Liaocheng Manufacturing Industry and the actual needs of the spring college entrance examination, this year, the city has added community public affairs Management, social work affairs, construction intelligent equipment installation and operation and maintenance, intelligent production line installation and operation and maintenance, big data technology application, industrial robot technology application, at the same time, have reduced a group of social needs, and school running schools with schools. Proficiency in positioning and national development strategy.

  In 2021, secondary vocational schools in our city have reached 64903 (including technicians), and the number of students in the school is growing year by year. [Editor in charge: Li Tai Dou].

Our province releases the white paper of minors’ procuratorial work

Our province releases the white paper of minors’ procuratorial work

In our province, the white paper disciplinary letter of procuratorial work in our province supported the "protective umbrella" of minors ‘judicial "protective umbrellas". On May 31st, the Provincial Procuratorate held a press conference with the theme of "Working together to implement the two laws’ co -the motherland" and released " The White Paper (2021) of Liaoning Minor Procuratorate (2021), "White Paper" notified the protection law of minors and the implementation of the criminal law of minors. Either 784 crimes of minors and prosecuted 1005 people to support the judicial "protective umbrella" for minors. The procuratorial organs of our province have a "zero tolerance" of infringing the crime of minors, strictly cracking down on law.

At the same time, strengthen the physical and mental health and personal privacy protection of minors, implement the "one -stop" case handling mechanism, and build 41 "one -stop" case -handling areas in the province to avoid "secondary injuries" of minor victims.

In 2021, the province carried out judicial assistance to 333 minor victims, and issued a total of Judicial assistance to the Golden RMB 10,000. According to reports, the procuratorial organs of our province handle the criminal cases of minors, and implement the concept of "protection, education, and control". Undered subjective malignant, criminal means, cruel and serious consequences will never condone. In 2021, 352 were approved in accordance with the law and prosecuted 515 people to maintain the necessary judicial deterrence.

At the same time, adhere to the "less caught and be caught," and the combination of punishment and accurate teaching in accordance with the law to help the guilty teenagers have changed. In 2021, a total of 141 minors who were released from prison provided vocational skills training, helping employment, assisting in reconstruction or enrollment to prevent "a penalty and punishment."

  In 2021, the province’s procuratorial organs focused on the lack of guardianship, and issued 340 "supervision and guardianship orders" to effectively supervise the "parents’ parents" to bring baby in accordance with the law. Focus on the protection of public welfare in minors and promote the handling of 474 public interest litigation cases in key areas involving the interests of many minors, personal information security, and personal information security. Implement the "No. 1 Procuratorate", comprehensively implement the compulsory report and inquiry system of minor cases, and effectively promote early discovery, early stop, and early punishment of cases of infringement of cases of minors; , Strictly prevent employees in the education industry from taking "disease". In the special rectification operation of the campus meal, the province’s procuratorial organs and relevant departments in the province investigated 272 campus meals, 1,579 own cafeterias in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens; 63 procuratorial proposals and 108 rectification issues; gathered families, schools, schools, schools, schools, schools , Society, the Internet, and judicial efforts to protect the safety of minors.

(Reporter Huang Yan) +1.

[Xinjiang is a good place] "Suté Jiangnan" grows "green bank"

[Xinjiang is a good place] "Suté Jiangnan" grows "green bank"

The premise of the high-quality development of tourism Internet tourism industry is a perfect infrastructure, the attractions are scattered, and the road is far away is a bottleneck that restricts the development of Yili Tourism. In the autonomous region, the autonomous state coordinate road, railway, civil aviation and other power, and it has broken through this bottleneck. Before the Jingyiho Railway is open to traffic, the traffic in the Yili Valley is mainly relying on roads and aviation.

Since the second Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, Yili Transportation has entered the maximum investment scale, the fastest growing, social benefits, and significantly improved management service levels, and the three-dimensional transportation network is becoming more and more perfect.

A flattened road, crossing the railway, newly opened route, and also become the rich road of agricultural and herdsmen while accelerating the economic development of Yili. The library is known as the most beautiful self-driving road in Xinjiang. In the implementation of the service quality engineering project, the Autonomous Region Transportation Department promotes the environmental protection of the ecological resources along the travel integration development. It is important to build an alternate highway to build a highly gold-filled high-quality tourist route. The traffic remains of historical and cultural value further promotes the spread of traffic cultural development and transportation spirit, driving development along the tourism development and pulling local economy. With the "Nethong Highway" of the Deluxu Highway, the overflow effect of self-driving tour with fire along the scenes and rural tourism industry. In June, a piece of purple lavender in June, a piece of purple lavender is put down in the 的 河 山 山 妖…………….. 妖……… In 2001, Huo City County held the first lavender day with lavender as a medium.

Today, the aromatic industry is not only representative tourist business cards in Huo City, but also a strong industry and brand industry that promotes the rapid economic development of Huo City. Yili has rich travel resources and folk culture.

With the aid of more than 90 distinctive tourist festive activities such as Apricot Flower Festival, Lavender Day, Tiantao Festival, greatly improved the popularity and influence of Yili, and became a bridge link between close local people and foreign tourists and continuously enhanced tourists’ feelings. And happiness.

US media: The highest inflation in the United States has been in the highest 40 years, the highest Yellen acknowledged the misjudgment of the "inflation trend"

US media: The highest inflation in the United States has been in the highest 40 years, the highest Yellen acknowledged the misjudgment of the "inflation trend"

According to reports on June 1st, according to the US CNN website reported on June 1, US Finance Minister Jennite Yellen acknowledged on May 31 that she failed to foresee how long the high inflation continues to trouble the United States consumers Essence When asked about her inflation in 2021, the remarks that constitute a small risk, Yellen said to Wolf Bulizer in the CNN "War Love Room" program: I think my view of the inflation trend at the time was that my view was the trend of inflation. Incorrect. It is reported that this statement is the latest signs of the government’s expectations of the normalization of the new crown epidemic and the conflict between Europe.

Yellen said: As I mentioned, the huge impact of the economy beyond the economy pushed up the price of energy and food, and the supply of bottlenecks seriously affected our economy.

I didn’t fully recognize it at the time, but we now realize this.

According to reports, Yellen and other White House officials once described inflation as the temporary side effects that the economy returned to normal after the epidemic, and believed that the reason for the supply chain was greater than the supply and demand greater than the supply. However, a few months later, the United States inflation reached the highest level in nearly 40 years. (Compiled/Wang Lei).

[Earth Review Line] Feitian.com Review: Install "digital" wind wheel to cultural development

[Earth Review Line] Feitian.com Review: Install "digital" wind wheel to cultural development

Recommended reading no matter how the scope expands, the core nature of the discipline of the national security discipline has not changed. It is a comprehensive and applied discipline based on political science.

While expanding the connotation of national security, you should pay special attention to clearly clearly clearly.

2022-05-2609: 59 In order to ensure the effectiveness of the agency of the agency and respond to the challenge of the system and mechanism, you need to seize the "Niu Ni" designed by the mechanism. Only by doing a good job of distinguish between power and responsibility and closed -loop supervision can the entrusted agent facing the problem of "agent’s moral risk". 2022-05-2409: 28 In the process of enhancing the subjectivity, we need to realize more localization, but localization does not mean that constructing a closed pure local knowledge, but in the form of nationality and localization, it is reflected in the form of nationality and localization. Based on all human civilization achievements and universal content for the future. 2022-05-1715: 29 In the construction process of unified markets across the country, it is necessary to maintain the unity of the national market and consider the differences in local development. Status and administration according to law. 2022-05-1710: At the current stage of development, the restrictions on economic growth are mainly on the demand side. Therefore, "divide the cake" to maintain the stability and expansion of consumption. "Divide a good cake" is also difficult to "make big cakes".

2022-05-1214: 40 Correctly defined the relevant markets of China Zhiwang, which is conducive to all sectors of society, including China, scientific research institutions, teachers and students of colleges and universities, and even law enforcement agencies to reach more consensus, return to reason on the basis of consensus, and finally find proper solutions to solve proper solutions Methods and methods of problems. 2022-04-2810: The development of the 19th is changing with each other. Some elderly groups are like a leaf lone boat in the digital age. They actively promote the integration of the elderly group into the digital age and enjoy the digital dividend. Slowst on the road. 2022-04-2209: 34 Socialist negotiation democracy is a unique form of democracy in my country. It has the characteristics that are completely different from Western democracy and unparalleled superiority. Major issues of economic and social development and practical problems involving the vital interests of the masses passed equal negotiation through equal negotiation through equal negotiations. Solved. 2022-04-1210: Digital enterprises are the basic facilities of the development of the digital economy, so companies must actively embrace digitalization. In other words, digital transformation is no longer a "choice question", but an inevitable choice for enterprises to adapt to the digital economy, seek survival and long -term development. 2022-03-2509: 21 How to effectively plan and explore the path is the key issue facing my country’s economy and society, and it is also an important issue for the continuation of the "two sessions". It reflects the people -centered development idea.

2022-03-1709: 46 From "true poverty alleviation and true poverty" to "true poverty alleviation does not return to poverty", in the new journey, we need to reduce the vulnerability of poverty alleviation groups through innovative concepts, activation power, stable income sources, etc. Its development capabilities continuously improve their living standards. 2022-03-1609: 46 The comprehensive implementation of the "East Digital West Calculation" project can effectively match the advantageous resources of the East and the West, expand the cooperation between the East and West industries, and promote the equalization of the development opportunities of the East and the West. It is of great significance to support the high -quality development of the economy and society. 2022-03-1209: Only when you adhere to the system of systematic concept can we seize the method of correcting ideological integrity issues in order to systematically understand the ideological elements and structures and functions of mutual influence and mutual promotion.

2022-03-0409: 54 The results of the governance of the living environment must not only solve the problems existing in the improvement of rural living environment, but also help establish and improve the long-term mechanism of this work according to local conditions, stimulate the endogenous villages and farmers’ endogenous households Dynamics meets the growing needs of rural residents for a better environment.

2022-02-2809: 11 During the prevention and control of the epidemic, my country took the lead in the implementation of effective epidemic control measures to achieve recovery in economy.

At the same time, the introduction of a series of ultra -conventional policies also provides important external forces for economic recovery.

2022-02-1815: During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the transportation industry must be based on a new stage of development, aimed at accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country, promoted the high-quality development of transportation, and vigorously promoted the integration, digital, and green development of transportation Essence 2022-02-1015: 57 Through the digital trade rules of the altitude standard standard, on the one hand, it can provide new development space for China’s digital trade development. The initiative and the right to speak laid the foundation. 2022-01-2909: 32 In the new era, strengthen and improve international communication work, and form an inevitable logic of international recognition of Chinese value concept of value, essential understanding and conscious identity. 2022-01-2614: 39 The morality of the concept of the community of human destiny proposed by China is reflected in it that it should take into account the reasonable concern of other countries when pursuing the legitimate interests of the country, and to promote the common development of countries in the development of the country. 2022-01-2110: 09 Factive market-oriented reform is a key reform task with traction. The comprehensive reform pilot is to promote the correct method of reform in the new period. Systemic, overall, and synergistic measures.

2022-01-1809: 48.

"Cloud" tour Xi’an young people hot topic

"Cloud" tour Xi’an young people hot topic

Datang’s night scenery affects the epidemic situation, many people travel to Xi’an’s plan helpless cancellation or extension. The reporter learned yesterday that under the assistance of technology, "Yun" tour Xi’an not only makes up for some regrets, but it is easier to immerse people in historical stories and cultural atmospheres, and culture is stronger. "Cloud" tour Xi’an, has become a popular topic of young people.

"Because it is closed, it can’t play together, so regret!" "Although I can’t meet, I can also take you ‘Cloud’ Tour Museum, I still have more interesting little stories about cultural relics to share it!" "Okay! I can’t wait."

"… During this year, the" small story in the "cultural relics in Shaanxi History Museum was officially opened, and it was very popular on the Internet. The reporter learned from the Shaanxi History Museum that the micro-class hall has launched" small mouth sharp bottom bottle ". "Zhou Yuan Fengxian Group Building Site Model" "Wrong Jin Du Hui" and other multi-issue "small stories in cultural relics", enrich and interesting interactions have triggered online. Similarly, Qin Shihuang Emperings Milly Museum in WeChat, Weibo, Shake The official number launched the "closed daily" series of live broadcast, let the audience "Cloud" tour museum in the most intimate way.

"Closed daily" series live cultural relics recovery live broadcast, repair experts explain the protection repair technology of Terracotta Warriors; Appreciation of treasures cultural relics, experts explain the collection of cultural relics. At present, the museum has resumed open, but online service is still not reduced, and there are many services such as online classrooms, voice albums, wisdom guides, interactive experiences, so that the majority of tourists can easily understand the terracotta and Qin culture. Soon, Xi’an Qujiang Tourism launched the "cloud" tour Xi’an series wonderful live broadcast, the anchor with everyone "cloud" tour Daming Palace National Ruple Park, Xi’an City Wall, Building Outline and other scenic spots. Xi’an Datang’s exclusive "green horse" "Tang Fugui" with "Tang Fugui", "Yun" tour, no night city, and survive the prosperity.

Datang does not start online shopping festival, everyone can play the old name with the "Tumbler Small Sister", taste the fancy dumpling banquet, and buy "Green Horse" "Tang Fugui" and other novel and interesting literary product. With the arrival of the winter, "Cloud" tour will also become more popular in young people. (Reporter Zeng Shengxiang) Editor: Hu Qian.

Shanghai: Accelerate the return of economic and social development to return to normal track

Shanghai: Accelerate the return of economic and social development to return to normal track

  Original title: Shanghai reorganization is set off on June 1st. After two months of static management, Shanghai entered the stage of comprehensively restoring normal production and living order.

Bund traffic is like weaving, the subway bus scan the code on the car, and Lujiazui’s office building ushered in the resumption of work … The familiar Shanghai began to return. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, with the strong support of many provinces and the PLA, Shanghai’s cadres and the masses were united and struggled continuously, and achieved major phases of the big Shanghai defense war.

"The epidemic should be defended, the economy must be stable, and the development must be safe." Shanghai is actively exploring the new mechanism of normalization of oversized cities to accelerate the return of economic and social development to the normal track. On May 31st, the new start of the new order was resumed. On May 31st, the actual infected person in Shanghai had 14 cases, which was significantly reduced compared to the peak of 10,000 episodes on April 13.

  Earlier, on the Shanghai government affairs platform, many citizens left a message to express their urgent desire to restore production and live as usual.

  On the afternoon of May 29, the daily routine Shanghai epidemic prevention and control press conference was opened, which introduced the newly released "Shanghai to accelerate economic recovery and revival action plan".

8 aspects and 50 policies and measures, benefiting enterprises and the people are unprecedented.

  On May 30, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a working conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. They directly connected to various districts and streets and towns, and a total of more than 1,100 people participated. The meeting requested that we must not shaken the general policy of "dynamic clearing zero", make every effort to prevent and control the normalized epidemic, fully restore the normal production and living order, unite all the power that can be united, mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized, strive to seize the epidemic situation The double victory of prevention and control and economic and social development. The restoration of normal production and living order is the common expectations of the cadres and masses in Shanghai. "From 00:00 on June 1st, Shanghai will restore the in -residential community in order, public transport operations and motor vehicle traffic in an orderly manner.

"On the evening of May 30, this announcement was just issued in" Shanghai Published ", and immediately" swipe the screen "on citizens’ mobile phones. Many netizens left a message:" Familiar Shanghai is coming back "," Rebirth after work after work " "Tomorrow will be better tomorrow." On May 31, at the end of the 90th press conference of the Shanghai epidemic, the spokesman for the municipal government finally said: "Tomorrow, our city will usher in a new start! "Adjust the mentality and pack up -June 1st, the citizens of Shanghai are working.

  Omikon’s mutant strain has fast transmission, strong hiddenness, and short incubation period. Features. As the infected people increased day by day, the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control work faced severe challenges.

  At a critical moment, people across the country watched each other and assisted Shanghai. Medical personnel and intensive experts in various places came.

At the square cabin hospital, designated hospitals, at the nucleic acid sample point and detection laboratory, at the transportation line and material transit stations … the various forces of the rebellious aid fight together with the Shanghai people, gathered the powerful forces of the common anti -epidemic. At a critical moment, the majority of party members and cadres in Shanghai continued to work hard on the front line of resistance; citizens overcome difficulties and resolutely block epidemic spread. More than 720,000 party members reported to the community. More than 6,000 party secretary of the Village Party Organization fought for several months. Sinking cadres and other rushing in front of the front line, undergoing the test under the limit conditions, and completing a difficult and heavy task. At the critical moment, Shanghai maintains the normal operation of the city’s core functions, and strives to maintain the stable supply chain of the industrial chain.

In important units and key positions, a large number of cadres and employees eat and live in the office and guard in their posts. They are unknown and regretful.

As the International Financial Center and the International Shipping Center, more than 10,000 employees in Shanghai’s financial industry have been stationed in units from the end of March to ensure that stable and continuous financial services are provided; more than 20,000 employees in Shanghai and Hong Kong have strictly closed -loop management and insisting on production operations. The district continuously runs continuously; as an important open platform in my country, the 5th Expo was promoted smoothly. The signing area exceeded the planned area of ??70%, and the world’s top 500 and industry leaders participated in more than 240. Everyone who lives in the Battle of Greater Shanghai. Facing "unprecedented", the reorganization of reorganization "The impact of this round of epidemic on the economic operation of Shanghai is unprecedented, and the dilemma encountered by market players has never been unprecedented. The challenges faced by economic recovery and revival are also unprecedented.

At the press conference held on May 29, the relevant person in charge of Shanghai, while emphasizing the basic market of Shanghai’s economic development and the long -term good situation, has not changed, and used three "unprecedented".

  Indeed, as the epidemic prevention and control must not be relaxed, economic recovery and confidence boosted the same challenge and urgent challenge.

  Donate does not donate, Yu Ru is Cheng Cheng. Shanghai is a hero of a hero, and the people of Shanghai are the people of heroes. For more than two months of unprecedented static management, 25 million citizens’ collective sharpening of the epidemic to fight the epidemic has allowed everyone to cherish the hard -won prevention results and more consciously protect the common urban homeland. Look forward in unity, reorganize and set off. Departure again, confidence is more important than gold.

It is necessary to maintain a strategic determination, strengthen confidence in development, and make every effort to run out of the acceleration of economic recovery and revitalization to better stabilize the subject, strength, and benefit people. It is necessary to give market entities clear expectations, increase the rescue efforts to help enterprises, stabilize and expand employment, visit in -depth visits, and do a good job of people’s livelihood. Get back the lost time and make up the losses caused by the epidemic. For more departure, it is necessary to do everything possible to restore and revive. Focusing on the implementation of the national stability of the country’s economy, Shanghai quickly formulated and introduced economic recovery and revival action plans in accordance with the actual situation. Supporting efforts; promoting consumption, 40,000 new non -business bus licenses are added during the year, and personal consumers who replace pure electric vehicles will give one -time subsidy of 10,000 yuan; expand investment, complete the old district reconstruction of the central urban area during the year, new new district transformation, new new area, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new district, new new area, new new district reconstruction, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new district, new new district, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district reconstruction, new new area, new new district transformation, new new area, new new district reconstruction, new new area, new new district transformation. Started more than 8 urban village renovation projects; benefit people’s livelihood, optimize talents directly settled, residential households, and house buying, and to ensure the lives of difficult people through one -time subsidies; financial support, small and medium -sized enterprises "seamless renewal" 2022 2022 2022 2022 2022 The annual increase strives to reach 100 billion yuan; help enterprises to relieve it, and issue one -time stability subsidy for enterprises that do not lay off and reduce employees in 7 industries such as catering and retail, and reduce the rent of more than 90,000 market entities for rents of 14 billion yuan. The annual reduction of various types of funds will be reduced to market players by more than 300 billion yuan … Starting again, only to take the responsibility to work hard and work hard. On May 26, the Yangtze River Delta Ecological Green Integration Development Demonstration Zone Council reviewed and approved the implementation plan of the carbon peak of the demonstration area. 12 of the 76 key tasks were basically completed and 60 were obtained. On May 28, Putuo, Fengxian and other places focused on "cloud signing" for a number of key projects.

On May 29, the famous commercial building Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai opened the door to welcome guests.

On May 30, Jiangnan Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Group, successfully achieved the important progress of the three ships and docks. On May 31, many departments such as the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau formulated and introduced 12 measures to promote the recovery of the tourism industry and high -quality development.

On June 1, citizens walked out of the house and ran to work … On June 1, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government wrote a letter of thanks to the people in the city. The light of the micro -light becomes the light of hope, saying that it will double the efforts to give you more reasons for believing in Shanghai, rooting Shanghai, and loving Shanghai. Shanghai will reproduce the prosperous vitality and move towards a better future. Shanghai is the birthplace of the party, and has given birth to a great spirit of building the party.

Shanghai is a hero city that has always been fearless and courageous to create miracles. Shanghai cadres and masses have always dared to pick the "heaviest burden", "the hardest bone" -the whole line, and then set off. Tomorrow, Shanghai will be better. (Liu Shi’an Li Hongbing Giant Yunpeng).

[The Internet is coming · Brilliant 19th] Han Qingxiang talks about the 19th report of the 19th National Report: a word "new"

[The Internet is coming · Brilliant 19th] Han Qingxiang talks about the 19th report of the 19th National Report: a word "new"

The picture shows Xinhuanet Special Interview "Experts Take You Read Report" to invite member of the Central Party School School Committee, and Director, Director of the Deputy Education, and Professor Han Qingxiang interprets the report interview site. Xinhuanet Guo Xiaotian Photo Xinhuanet Beijing October 18th (He Fan Li) The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is grandly opened in the Beijing Great Hall of Beijing today.

Xi Jinping reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the 18th Central Committee.

Xinhuanet special interview "Expert takes you reading the report" invited a member of the Central Party School Committee, and the Director of the Deputy Education and the Director of the Director Han Qingxiang interprets the report. He pointed out that the General Assembly reported on the direction of the entire conference.

For the overall feelings of the report, you can focus on a word, that is, "new".

The following is the main content of the interview: Xinhua Net: How do you evaluate the historical significance of this conference? Han Qingxiang: The party’s 19th National Victory was held, here there is a very important core link, which is to report to the General Assembly. This report can represent the direction of the development of the entire conference. The 19th National Congress is a summary of the past, and the judgment is now planning the future, it is a new historical starting point to realize the strong rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is also to mark Chinese characteristics. Socialism enters the conference of the new era. Xinhuanet: What kind of overall feelings do you have for the 19th National Report? Han Qingxiang: My feelings can be focused, that is, "new".

The first "new" is first reflected in the new era, and we must open a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The second "new" is a new history. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new stage of development, and we stand on a new historical starting point for strong.

The third "new" is the new theory.

Xi Jinping put forward the "New Era Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thought" in the 19th National Report, which is very exciting.

The fourth "new" is a new square. Xi Jinping’s report in the General Assembly, we have to do what we have to do in the future, how to do it, how to do better. Related Reading:.

The 40th batches of the Chinese Navy’s air protection formation ran away to Aden Bay

The 40th batches of the Chinese Navy’s air protection formation ran away to Aden Bay

The 40th batches of the Chinese Navy’s nursing formation started from a cable from a military port in Zhanjiang, Guangdong on the 15th.

With the warmth of military music, the formation ship resolved the cable in turn and left the pier.On the deck, the task officers and soldiers were neatly queue, shaking their spirits, and waved farewell.This batch of escort formations consists of the missile destroyer Hohhot ship, the missile frigate Yueyang ship, and the comprehensive supply ship Luoma Lake, with two carrier -based helicopters, dozens of special combat players, and a total of more than 700 task officers and soldiers.

Among them, the Hohhot ship performed the escort task for the first time.During the task preparation period, the formation keeps an eye on the task requirements, finely formulates the plan plan, and organizes the actual use of weapons, counter -terrorism anti -pirates, navigation supplies and other targeted training.Ocean task ability.

(Sun Luming, Yang Jie).