2022 Ningxia Selected Shengxing Recruitment Promotion Conference held 上海新茶外卖 in Yinchuan

  On November 9th, the Ministry of Organization, the Party Committee of Ningxia held 2022 Ningxia Selected Shengxiansheng Principal in Yinchuan, which is the first time Ningxia used "online" form to select the students to recruit promotion activities. Standard of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department attended the conference and delivered a speech. At the meeting, the Ministry of 上海静安区快餐小妹电话 Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Autonomous Region and the restricted party interpretation of the recruitment policy and answered the candidates.

Domestic 59 recruited college teachers and students exchanged online interaction, and part of the conference was attended in the reign.

  Selecting excellent college graduates to grassroots training, which is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee on the hard work of the party and the country.

Ningxia seriously studied the spirit of Xi Jinping, the spirit of the important speech of Ningxia, highly attached great importance to the selection of students, always focus on the needs of the economic and social development in Ningxia, focusing on the long-term development needs of the excellent young cadres, cultivating a number of 上海海选的场所 outstanding young cadres, strengthening The construction of leaders and cadres at all levels have played a good role in promoting the role. It is understood that in 2022, Ningxia Planned 200th in China, in the district, and in the district.

Candidates who meet the conditions of the application shall log in to the Ningxia Personnel Test Center Network on November 23, 2021 to register, follow-up written test, interview, payment, physical examination, investigation and other work arrangements will be prevented according to epidemic. And the registration of the candidate is in time in Ningxia Party, the Ningxia Personnel Test Center is published.

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61 cases of new diagnosis cases in 31 provinces, 38 cases of local cases

Original title: 31 new diagnosis cases in 31 provinces in which 38 cases of local cases were reported on the website of the National Health Committee. At 0-24, December 5, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported new diagnosis 61 cases.

Among them, there were 23 cases of overseas, 9 cases in Guangxi, 5 cases in Shanghai, 4 cases in Yunnan, 1 case in Shaanxi, 1 case in Shandong, 1 case in Guangdong, 38 cases of local cases (28 Inner Mongolia, all in Hulunbeier); 7 cases in Heilongjiang, both in Harbin; 2 cases in Yunnan, all in Dehong Dai Jinglu Autonomous Prefecture; 1 case in Hebei, in Shijiazhuang City), including four cases of unscrupulous infection into diagnosis cases (all in Inner Mongolia). No new death cases.

1 case of new suspected cases, for overseas input cases (in Shanghai).

  At the beginning, there were 37 cases of newly discharged cases, and 796 close contacts were released, and the intensive cases were flat to the previous day. Overseas input existing diagnosed cases (no serious cases), existing suspected cases of 2 cases.

A total of 10,282 cases were confirmed, and 9857 cases were cured, and there were no deaths. As of 24:24 on December, according to 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps report, there are 1060 cases of diagnosis cases (including 12 cases of 上海乌克兰新茶 severe cases), cumulative treatment of 93,507 cases, cumulative death cases 4636 cases , Cumulative report diagnosis of 99203 cases, existing suspected cases of 2 cases.

The accumulated tracking of 1339,086 people in close contacts, still in the close contact of medical observation, 35990 people. 44 cases of new non-symptomous infections were reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and 上海水磨休闲中心 Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, including 39 cases of overseas, 5 cases of local (3 cases in Yunnan, all in Dehong Dai Jinglu Autonomous Prefecture; 2 cases of Inner Mongolia, Both Hulunbeier City); 4 cases (no overseas input) on the same day (no overseas input); 12 patient observations (10 cases of overseas input); 487 cases (419 cases of overseas) still observed in medicine.

  Cumulative receipt of 29190 cases of notice of diagnosis in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Among them, 12,461 cases (1,2149 cases of death, 213 deaths in the hospital), 77 cases in the Macao Special Administrative Region (77 cases discharged), 1,6652 cases in Taiwan (13,742 cases, 848 deaths).

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Always "crowding eye" is suffering from this disease

Recommended reading 2021-11-1211: 40 Bugs of White Heroni foraging in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, habitat. At the early winter, Poyang Lake fell below the fine water level, became the assembly of all kinds of migratory birds.

2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County cotton planting area of ??1.02 million mu, of which 990,000 mu of implementation of cotton cultivation mode, seeded, chemically roof, and mechanized mining collection, After production, this year’s seed cotton has produced 426 kg / mu, which increases kilograms / mu, and the level of cotton scientific growth management is continuously improved, and cotton cultivation is mechanized.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold In the first green smart factory built into the metal regeneration resource industry, continue to practice "double carbon" commitment, introduce solar photovoltaic power generation project, can provide clean energy 14 million for national grids each year Kauching time.

2021-11-1011: 01 In recent years, Fuyang County, Guizhou Province has actively promoted the "medical combination" new pension model through integration of pension and medical resources, and creating a medical center integrating pension care, medical rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment. Provide the elderly to provide the old man to enjoy his old age. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "Advocating Renren Sports, create a better life" "100 million" series of events – 2021 The game was held.

This competition is divided into three categories of personal racing, individual flower samples, group competitions, two groups of adult groups and youth groups, aimed at passing jumping rope activities, driving national fitness boom, creating people in the city, people love sports, everyone A good atmosphere of love fitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Sending Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team to organize the party members’ rescue team to go to the island survey point, the wind is rain, not afraid of cold, take three classes inverted continuous operation, staying all day and night The sea cable is cut and defective, the insulation measurement, and the repair of the sea cable and its internal fiber, which is expected to be completed before November 8. 2021-11-0810: 00 November 4, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, the shadow hall is playing a wonderful cloud dream leather, "Yang Jia will", many middle-aged and old age audiences have seen 津 津.

2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, I found a beautiful body, dragging long tail, feathers, and foraging from the forest from time to time. After identification by professionals, the bird is white and belongs to the national secondary protected animal.

2021-11-0511: 20 In order to further strengthen new coronal pneumonia epidemic regular 魔都龙凤网 prevention, Huzhou City Deqing County Zhongtu Town party member disinfection small team actively cooperates with the bus station to do a good job of disinfection, temperature measurement, propaganda, and implement the bus stop "One is sterilized", a ventilation time is not less than 15 minutes, while reminding passengers, we must wear a mask and do its own protection. 2021-11-0511: 17 This year, Qingdao 上海私人喝茶资源论坛 Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau focuses on "going out" enterprise tax-related demand, with intelligence tax building as a goal, according to "credit + intelligent" mode, create "self-trade omitary tax" New formats, to "go out" enterprises to expand foreign markets to provide tax intelligence and strength. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province ushered in the processing season, local farmers stepped up with the sunny weather to peeled, drying and processing, and persimmon processing became a special industry in the late autumn season. one. 2021-11-0511: 07 On November 3, 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an, college students played at the Games.

2021-11-0411: 28 November 3, 2021, the first primary school in Luoyang Road, Qingdao watched the four-footed machine dog presentation in the artificial intelligent exhibition hall. 2021-11-0411: On October 30, 2021, located in the navigation of Nanjiang County in Pakinean City, Sichuan Province, the best viewing period, the autumn color, the tourists are in the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, Hebei Province, from Gu Jiwu, as the Erlang Boxing of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hebei Province, is more widely passed, the county’s Erlang Xialu performance team, in "Russian-Chinese Culture Year", etc. More than 1400 awards were obtained, adding a bright color to the country. 2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, the primary school students in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, dressed in national costumes and danced to participate in the sports festival.

2021-11-0311: 29.


Good weather in the weekend, should travel in the next week, we will continue to be sunny.

  Since November 8th, Zhejiang has been sunny, and in the morning, it will go out of autumn and autumn, and most of the province is less than 10 ° C.

In the cold, the cooling competition in the early morning will begin. These days ushered in the rare rare period, meaning that the air continued to dry, in general, the most comfortable relative humidity section of the human body is 40% to 60%, less than 40% will have a dry feel. This is the "dry list" yesterday at 16 o’clock, see where "I crack".

  After the cold wave, today, two days, the weather in most parts of my country is mainly dry and dry, and the rainy weather is mainly concentrated in Yunnan, Guizhou. The temperature in most parts enters the slowly rebounded or the temperature will rise to normal or high levels of normal or high, especially Jianghuai, Jianghan, Jiangnan and other places, the highest temperature will reach 20 ° C. It is estimated that from November 13th to November 19th, the province is small and rainy, the temperature is stable, and the average temperature is 11 ~ 14 ° C, the lowest temperature is 7 ~ 10 ° C. Among them, the impact of the 上海黄埔水磨会所 low-rise warm and humidity flow, and we have weak rainfall processes.

  Due to the temperature of the sunny air in the night, most parts are constantly increasing.

Not only our Zhejiang, Northwest China, North China, Huanghuai Zhongwei, northern part of the western part of Jianghan, the temperature difference between day and night is more obvious, can reach 15 ° C or more, so morning and evening still to prepare a thick clothes.

  To see today’s weather forecast: Today: Zhejiang Zhongnan is cloudy in the yin, the next half of the night, there is sometimes small rain; other areas cloudy. Tomorrow: The province is sunny to cloudy.

  Minimum temperature this morning: Coastal area: 10-12 ° C; Other regions: 8-10 ° C. Today, the highest temperature during the day: Zhannan and southeast 上海龙凤419 coastal areas: 15-17 ° C; other regions: 18-20 ° C.

  Today, two days, coastal wind: North Row of sea in northern Zhejiang: Today, the South wind, tomorrow, northwest wind, wind is 5-6 gust 7, wind and waves 3-4.

  The sea is the sea in the southern part of Zhejiang: Two days in the northeast of the northeast, the wind is 5-6 gust 7, the wind waves 3-4.

  Hangzhou Bay Wood: Today, the wind, tomorrow, northwest wind, wind is 4-5 gust 6. Forest fire weather level forecast: Today, two days: the province’s fourth level, forest fire hazardous meteorological level, forest area must strengthen fire Source management.

  This weekend is still sunny, it is better to take a family and friends go out.

Enjoy the osmanthus, maple leaf, ginkgo, what is the beautiful scenery of the deep autumn? 上海龙凤shlf会员 Start now until the end of November, the reed ushered in the best viewing period. This season’s reeds are blooming, and the autumn wind is, the reeds are flying, just like being snowing.

  Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, Wuyi Jiangxin Wetland Park, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, is a good place to watch reed.

Look at the layered reeds fly in the wind and feel more and more strong autumn. "The best season of rewards is in October. When the reed flowers are full of white, if the flowers in the moonlight, there is more excellent." Yu Dafu’s "The best season of reward flowers", is now now, the day is now Also, the reed flowers are also a good choice.


Adhere to professional ethics writing a great era

Original title: Adhere to the professional ethics writing the Great Age, the 30th anniversary of the "China Journalist Professional Ethics" The duties given by the people. Do not excel, you can’t make a long history. For a long time, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the construction of the news team.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the Party’s News Public Operation Symposium that "the key to media competition is talent competition, the core of the media is the advantage of talent."

It is necessary to speed up the cultivation of a 上海水磨洗浴kb political firm, exquisite, good style, the party and the people’s affair, "special emphasis on the public opinion workers" must strictly demand themselves, strengthen moral cultivation, and maintain a righteousness. " According to the requirements of the General Secretary, we must have a good job of professional ethics and better shoulder the duties of the party’s news public opinion, and continue to promote the development of socialist journalism in Chinese characteristics. For journalists, the meaning of professional ethics It is very important. The party’s journalism is to connect to individuals, society, and national "spiritual wires" and "sound links", with the country’s future, and people’s destiny.

As a business practitioner, more than a million journalists have important, arduous responsibility, glory, their professional behavior, their professional behavior has global, wide range of orientation, personal behavior is also exemplary, 上海水墨会所 profound impact Media credibility.

"Talents, the capital of Germany; the German, the handsome of the talented."

"Therefore, only with more strong moral value self-request, always keep in mind" people-centered ", to make happiness for the people, rejuvenating for the ethnic group, can provide a strong inherent power for socialist journalism health, truly Win social respect, the people praise and even historical recognition.

  Standing in the intersection of history and future, the majority of journalists should keep in mind and fulfill their own mission responsibilities, consciously abide by national laws and regulations, abide by the ethics of news, adhere to the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, news, work orientation, constant Enhance the foot, eye, 上海高端私人工作室预约 mental, pen force, let his talents bloom in the great cause of the new era, so that personal dreams have been sublimated in the dream of the national nation.


Energy industry industry Internet development welcomes major opportunities

  Recently, the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s CPC Central Committee on the Complete Accurate and Comprehensive Implementation of New Development Concepts and Take Carbon Damuk Carbon Metal and Work, Accelerate Digital Transformation in Industrial Universities, promote emerging technologies such as Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and Green low carbon industry depth fusion.

  Industry experts believe that accelerating development of energy industrial Internet is an important measure to promote energy industrial green and low-carbon transformation, and the dual carbon objectives will further promote the development of energy industry Internet development.

  The construction of national industrial Internet platforms in my country started from 2019, issued by five ministries and commissions such as the State-owned Assets and Assessment Committee of the State Administration, and organized 22 energy-owned enterprises. Industry industrial control network information security issues, driving the structural reform of supply side in energy fields, providing strong support to protect national energy security.

  With the construction of the national platform, the development of platform development, common construction, sharing, the concept of development concept is deeply rooted, and the open-inclusive energy industry Internet ecology is accelerating.

  The energy intelligence center in the dual carbon process is increasingly highlighting the energy industry Internet based network, the platform is the center, data is the elements, and safety is guaranteed. Its platform is also known as energy "brain", can contribute to energy production, safety, economy, consumption and other data, build a sense, can know, visual, controllable data resource system, support different energy equipment, systems, field stations, Enterprises, inter-regional real-time safety perception and cooperative interaction application scenarios, as well as normalized platform operation management, data sharing transactions and ecological links. National Energy Industry Internet Platform Special Projects shall be jointly established by 15 energy-owned enterprises including national power investment groups, and is responsible for construction and operation.

Platform functional positioning focuses two main aspects: through energy industrial control security situation and energy large data application services, one way to ensure the support of national energy security, support energy management and decision-making, on the other hand, promote energy industry transformation upgrade and green developing. "This is the main task of carbon-up, carbon neutrients to enroll energy industries." Wang Hai, chairman of Zhongneng Integrated Smart Technology Co., Ltd., "To make energy security, low carbon transformation and stable supply Relationship, energy industry Internet platform will play an increasingly important role as a wisdom center.

"In terms of ensuring energy security, currently, the national energy industrial Internet platform has initially constructed national energy industrial control network security situation perception system.

Platform accumulated more than 3,600 state-owned dynamic field security data, achieving 5 major categories, 31 provinces (districts, and city).

Since the construction of the platform, 97,163 to the group side push analysis have been accumulated, 1248 consultations returned to the consultation report, and the anniimate analysis class reports, 212 high-risk persons, and 20 asset analysis are reported, and 15 groups are completed. The 83 power plants a total of 1606,1721 alerts have been degraded. Compared with the threat alarm, the threat alarm decreased by 90%, comprehensively enhanced the safety protection capacity of state-owned generatic stations.

  In terms of promoting energy transformation and improvement, the platform has initially realized power generation data aggregation and analysis, with conditions for copying promotion to the fields of coal, oil, natural gas. Electric economic data can be collected automatically. The platform has been carried out with 12 electricity central enterprises, about 2500 field economic data, covering 163 economic data indicators of 5 types of scenery of the State-owned Assets Supervision Commission to develop by the Source Administration. The national power consumer data indicator system has been initially established, and the power consumption data docking work has been launched. In addition, relying on the thermal power intelligence operation assistance system developed by the platform joint industrial chain, the fire power plant equipment remote fault warning, wind power plant wind power forecast, wind farm equipment fault warning, etc. have been tried. "Recently, the low-pull power is limited to electricity, and one-time energy price such as coal is soaring in my country’s economic transformation and energy transformation." Talking about the recent energy focus problem, Wang Hai said, accelerating energy industry Internet development It is an objective requirement for the trend of the industry and technology, and it is also an important initiative to deepen the structural reform of energy supply side and promote the upgrade of energy industrial transformation.

In terms of energy supply and consumption, early warning, forecasting, energy security management, energy saving and efficiency, national energy industrial Internet platforms have resources and functional advantages, and shoulders particularly significant responsibilities.

  Co-opening and inclusive energy industry Internet ecology "At present, there are more than 100 industrial Internet platforms with certain industries in my country. The services of services reached 1.6 million, and the important industrial equipment in the platform has exceeded 76 million. Taiwan set. "At the 2021 Global Industrial Internet Conference held on October 18, the Dean of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute introduced Lu Chunjung. The research has shown that the annual average annual growth rate of the industrial Internet-related core enterprises has more than 20%, which are accelerating the development trend. This trend also appeared in the energy field. In recent years, all energy central enterprises have carried out information infrastructure construction, energy industrial Internet platforms, intelligent energy platforms, etc. Involutionary, digital, intelligent function platforms and applications.

Data is island, data barriers have also emerged in the energy industry.

  "An important significance of building a national platform is to eliminate data islands, breaking data barriers." Wang Hai believes that special projects have gradually concatenate the process of consensus. "The platform is connected to the data platforms of various energy enterprises. The data interaction. All units of the political research have formed an ecological chain. Everyone is not contradictory, but is common, co-construction, sharing. The energy industry Internet ecological system is accelerating." As early as in February 2019, the national electricity investment of the platform was jointly established with the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, and the members covered the energy central enterprises, local energy state-owned enterprises and leading private enterprises, well-known research institutions. The alliance promotes the research of political and research cooperation, overcomes development bottlenecks, builds innovative chains, and promotes opening sharing of various resources, promoting the development of specialized services, forming domestic and foreign industries, academic exchange mechanisms. The establishment of the alliance is further aggregating force in the development of energy industrial Internet. On September 15 this year, the energy industrial Internet construction will also add the power of the Beijing Energy Industry Internet Research Institute, which is in the middle. The Shareholders are covered with the energy industrial Internet industry chain. Creating an open platform for energy industrial Internet integration development, layout 浦东有没有水磨 common technologies, and scene application platform research and development, in standard specifications, collaborative innovation, comprehensively promote industry applications.

The research institute integrates into the energy industry Internet industry, will achieve great development with the parties parties to the ecological chain. Looking at the industrial Internet competition, relevant experts and agencies believe that it contains the largest market space and investment opportunities in my country’s information technology field. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Industrial Internet Innovation Development Action Plan (2021-2023)", pointing in 2021 to 2023, the rapid growth period of my country’s industrial Internet, and proposed that the 上海东皇娱乐会所 construction of industrial Internet new infrastructure construction is incorporated into, new The model, the new state is widely promoted, and the industrial comprehensive strength is significantly improved. Policy Persistence Promotes Energy Industry Internet Development As an Energy Industry Giving more new opportunities. "The future national energy industrial Internet platform is necessary to grasp the opportunity, and should also become a platform for all parties to the energy industry to seek new opportunities.

"Wang Hai introduced that this year, the platform will be fully covered in the fields of electricity, oil, natural gas, and coal, explore the formation of energy data sharing transaction models and grading classification management mechanisms, and has the conditions for replication to other industries.

By 2022, the platform will extend to multi-industry, multi-regional center, basically complement collaborative innovation and ecosystem, and build an energy financial service center to provide financial services to industry upstream industrial chain companies.


Forging New Times Politics, Iron Army, Shanxi, warning, education, is good

  Original title: [Implement Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law Thought forging New Times Political Army] The province’s warning education has a multi-effect, "three revolutionary learning", domestic tutor theme education, organization, listening to the job criminal examination, visiting and honest education Base, watch the warning of educational Chinese law team education rectification In the learning education link, the various departments across the province earnestly grasp the requirements of warning education, and do a good job in studying the party regulations and laws and regulations in unity, the main leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, and convene a warning education conference and other "regulations". At the same time, in conjunction with practical, innovative way, form varietyively organize warning education activities, and have achieved good shock effects and educational effects. Organize "three revisions". In order to further exert a warning of warning education, we lay a solid thinking foundation for the development of the changing process, and the provincial education and rectification leading group insisted on the case, campaign, and the case, the deployment of the province Temperature Learning Building, Yangsheng’s speech at the seven plenary plenary session of the Provincial 上海杨浦4店油压会所 Commission for Discipline Inspection, revisiting the 2018 province’s political and legal authorities to conduct a concentrated special activity analysis report, revisit, "6 · 03" and "5 · 17 "Investigation of cases and their lessons and their lesson warnings" and related warning educational film "three revolutionary learning" activities, education guides the police to keep a clear 上海找妹子 understanding, always do awe, save the fear, keep the bottom line, truly build Refocation of corruption, never touch the thoughts.

  Carry out home Fengjia education theme education. The Yuncheng Public Security Bureau held a lecture on the excellent traditional cultural education of the "家 家训", specialized in invited the seventy-eight-year descendants of the River East, and the people of all the party members of the party, "I have a traditional culture of" ICAC’s integrity and cultural construction ". course. The Jinzhong Public Security Bureau organized the police to enter the Jinzhong Family Training Hall to carry out the "Yan Jiajiao, Zhengfeng, with Deqi" educational activities, and sign the family to help the commitment. The Qixian County Court launched a family session, a clean government family visit, actively striving for the understanding and support of the family’s education to rectify the work, and guided the family members of the police to do "honest and honest". Organize the criminal review of the position of the position.

Datong City, Zhangzhou City, Jinzhong City, Yangquan City, Jincheng City organizes political and legal unit police, through the on-site listening to the criminal review process and watch video, etc. People, around, let political and legal police "zero distance" accepted the rule of law education, feel legal authority and fair, play the effect of "trial, educated". Organize to visit and clean government education bases.

The Jincang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, opened up the issue of political and legima warning education, multi-faceted political and legal models, and the city of political and legal systems in recent years, with the promotion of the prison, serving the prisoners by the political law system Experience the saying, warning others. Up to now, 3,000 people have access to education and write a experience.

Taiyuan Academy organizes police officers to the provincial high-level clean government education base to receive warning education. The Datong Municipal Public Security Bureau organized more than 50 newly-employed police representatives to visit the city’s integrity education demonstration base.

Xiaoxuan District People’s Procuratorate organized all police officers to visit the national anti-black special struggle online exhibition hall, combined with the political and legal police violations of law and disciplines, "umbrella breaking network", key choices, "umbrella" Broken network "special study, so that the majority of prosecutors are deeply educated.

  Organize watch a warning educational film. Cangzhou City, Jinzhong City organized to watch the "case-based" principle, the alarm "" alert "," alert "," Wake up ", political education warning film.

Yuncheng organizes the municipal law to watch the "Dou Yu" of the Pu Opera. Through the intuitive artistic characteristics of the drama image, revealing the huge injuries of judicial corruption to the people. Today, education warning political and legal police officers must fair judicial, integrity From the police.

潞城 监 集 集 观 "" 5 · 17 "case special warning education film"

  By carrying out a variety of warning education activities, the provinces and counties’ two political and legal police officers have further strengthened ideal beliefs and enhanced disciplinary awareness and rule awareness. Everyone has said that we must firmly establish the party’s awareness, strengthen self-supervision, from strict self-discipline, further strengthen learning, constantly strengthen party spirit, always maintain the "corrosion" "hunting" alert, to the three, anti-Weimen gradually, build secrets Change line. (Reporter Chen Junqi).


Abandon "Nine Two Consensus"? The Kuomintang can’t be sick and urgently

  After the "big 上海大型水疗会所 election" in the island, some strange sounds appeared in the Chinese Nationalist Party. Some people say that it is tough to the mainland, does not rule out the interrupt "three links", some people say that "Nine-two consensus" is to establish "anti-unity" discussion. The small part of the Kuomintang seems to believe that the Kuomintang is lost in "not green". I have a strange talk, amazing.

These people should think about it. If the Kuomintang has become a "revolution of the DPP", there is a competitive advantage, there is still necessary? At the end of 2018, South Korea Yao shouted "Nine-two consensus" is a custom sea, "’Taiwan independence is more scary"

This "big election", South Korea is no longer generous to promote the "Jiuyi Consensus", the Sino-Division is discussed inward, and the outside world is smashed to the Ministry of Public Advanced Party "," The 890,000 tickets raised more than Kaohsiung Mayor’s election.

  Two-phase contrast, adhere to the "Nine-two consensus" to have high votes, lost votes for the green camp "Take the incense and follow", and it will. How does the Kuomintang have a contrary to the contrary. The reason is probably because the Democycle of the Democratic Party is madly anti-"one country and two systems", anti-"nine two consensus", push "reverse osmosis", imparting the Blue Camp supporters, threatening and persecution, order some of the weak Kuomintang people The illusion, even if the patients with "Stockholm syndrome" have agreed and worshiped the victims, and it is necessary to think that the opponent is teacher? Since the victory of Ma Yingjiu 2008, the "Nine Two Consensus" has always been the national party’s winning method, and it is possible to deal with cross-strait relations is the biggest characteristics and core advantages of China National Party from the Democratic Party.

However, some people in the Kuomintang understand this, but the Buddha is in the heart, but the old want to do some pearl dark investment, abandon the stupid thing. After the 2014 "Jiuheyi" election defeat, the Kuomintang reviewed the defeated, divided into two factions, and the flag of the party was clearly hiented by the party soul. The other party thought should tend to be close to the Democratic Party. As a result, the middle school accounted for the wind, The "China National Party" changed the sound of "Taiwan National Party". Since then, the Kuomintang has a downturn, until the "non-mainstream" Korean Yu, with an alternative way to drive the Kuomintang to win the "Jiuhe one" election in 2018. After that, the National Party’s people had thought that "the opportunity came", and they came out "card position" and the bucked is upgraded again. South Korea Yogu didn’t let go of the momentum of the "big election", failed to take the initiative on both sides of the strait, revealed the awkward, and finally hated.

  The Kuomintang is a lot of facts, such as inner fighting, outbreak outline, such as in the position, fail to revise the scientific in time, "to China" education, such as the Ministry of Democratic Party holding administrative resources, another example of Hong Kong The wind wave makes the people’s organic and so on.

But no matter how to review, it should not be given to the conclusions of the Kuomintang’s failure to adhere to the "Nine-two consensus".

  "Nine-two consensus" is the custom sea god needle of two-strait relationship and the exchange of exchanges between cross-strait exchanges. If the Kuomintang wants to abandon the "Nine Two Consensus", will the two sides of the strait, where to set the blue camp support, where to set the two sides of the people, especially the Taiwan people? Under the political ecology of Taiwan, the political party stronger than the victory, but it can be axiom, justice, is it, the nation is righteous? If "Taiwan independence" can change the ticket, is the Kuomintang also pursue "Taiwan independence"? What’s more, some people think that "green" is the way out, and it is basically the wrong medicine to take the wrong medicine.

If the Kuomintang has abandoned the "Nine-two Consensus", he did not have the value of the two sides of the country, and lost the party soul from the Sun Yat-sen’s era, lost the role of balanced the people. If the Chinese Kuomintang is no longer the Chinese Nationalist Party, it has become the "Dong Shi Effect" of the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China. What is the political part of Taiwan? In response to this argument that follows the green battalion and the argument, the insight in the Kuomintang has issued severe criticism and warning.

As the Taiwanese scholar Zhao Chunshan pointed out, some people’s statement is "because 阿拉爱上海 of the scrap food", "should not put the rights of the two sides of the whole people, take the chip of political bargaining." The three armies can win handsome, and the husband is not able to win. The Kuomintang cannot be worried because of the failure, only stick to the correct idea and value, is the right way and king of the salvation. At the same time, the Kuomintang wants to keep long-term eyes, see "thief to eat meat", you have to see "thief beating".

After all, in the reverse of the people’s downwards, although it is temporarily, it is a matter of late and the price of the horse feet and pay.

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Fotoreportage Afghanistan Nimmt Export Von Pinienkernen Nach China Wieder AUF

DasFotozeigteinFrachtflugzeugwhrendderfeierlichenWiederaufnahmedesExportsvonPinienkernennachChinaaufdemInternationalenFlughafenvonKabulinAfghanistan, 上海419会所论坛 (FotovonSaifurahmanSafi / Xinhua) KABUL, (Xinhua) -. AfghanistannahmamSonntagdenExportvonPinienkernennachChinawiederauf, wieeinSprecherderTalibanbesttigte "EinFrachtflugzeugmitPinienkernenhobvomInternationalenFlughafenvonKabulnachChinaab, nachdemBeamtedesIslamischenEmiratsvonAfghanistandenLuftkorridorerffnethatten", übereinenLuftkorridorineineReihevonLndernauf 上海洗浴工作室 ,, darunterKhost, Paktia, Paktika, Kapisa, Kunar, Nangarhar, NuristanundLaghman, teiltederVerbandfürPinienkernedesLandesmit (gemderNachrichtenagenturXinhua)..


Gansu is classified in order to promote business service industry rehabilitation

  On November 15th, the Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Undenders of Commercial Service Industry", which clearly proposes that the role in ensuring the effective implementation 闵行水磨服务 of the epidemic prevention and control measures, combined The local epidemic prevention and control work is actually actually arranged in the principle of divided into partitioned classification, orderly promotion, and gradually arranges the rehabilitation of Gansu Provincial Business Service Industry.

  "Notice" clearly, there is no epidemic situation, under the premise of doing a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control, fully promoting market, shopping malls, supermarkets, accommodation, catering and other trade service enterprises, and realize normal operations as soon as possible. Zhang Wei, Jiayuguan, Weinan and other cities, while continuing to consolidate prevention and control results, promote large markets, shopping malls, supermarkets to restore normal operations, catering, accommodation, home politics, beauty salons, etc., and achieve resurgergens city. Lanzhou City, Tianshui City should strictly implement the normal management of epidemic prevention and control, based on the normal operation of enterprises in a stable living material, in accordance with local epidemic prevention and control departments and market supervision departments, supermarkets, convenience stores, central kitchen companies Waiting for the normal operation, gradually promoting market, shopping malls, catering, accommodation and other trade service enterprises to return to normal operation.

  "Notice" is also clear that large-scale commodity trading markets should strengthen access and exit control, strictly do all entry and exit vehicles and personnel must check the "two yards and one certificate", which meets the requirements. Shopping malls, supermarkets and other operating places are cleaned and disinfected with public facilities. It is strictly forbidden to gather in business places. Import and export should be posted "Health Code" "Truncode", and the consumer temperature, check 上海干磨水磨论坛 code of entering business places, and register .

Accommodation, food and beverage companies should measure the body temperature in the store customers, present health code, stroke code. Catering service units with operating conditions can restore dining and dining, strictly control passenger traffic, keep the seat spacing, eat the food, sitting in the same time, except for the whole exterior and wear masks.

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